Pinterest: for the love of shopping

Your audience is on Pinterest, shopping all the time. People on Pinterest are 3x more likely to say they’re always shopping. And they’re 40% more likely to say they love shopping.1

Pinterest is for the love of shopping.

Reach people who spend more.

30%On average, people on Pinterest have a 30% larger basket size*

Pinterest shopping pays off

People on Pinterest are always in the shopping mindset. That translates to bigger spend. On average, people on Pinterest outspend non-Pinners by 40% every month and have a 30% larger basket size.1

Convert with Shopping ads

Pinterest Shopping ads are built for people who love shopping. That’s why they work. When brands add Collections or other Pinterest Shopping ads to campaigns, they drive 3x the conversion and sales lift, and twice the positive incremental return on ad spend.2 Read on for three steps to success with Shopping ads

1. Set up your foundation

Turn your entire product catalog into browsable product Pins, all at once. You can even upload multiple feeds to the same account so you can control which products show up in different markets. Upload your feed directly in Ads Manager, or work with one of our approved Partners.

Add the tag to your site to measure conversions and to optimize ads for shopping campaigns or retargeting. Consider longer attribution windows to capture shoppers who take more time to convert.

You can connect your Shopify store to your Pinterest business account directly in the Shopify app. Your entire catalog will become browsable on Pinterest in just a few clicks. We'll also automatically set up your Pinterest tag, and a shop tab on your Pinterest profile.

2. Build brand loyalty

Yellow pointy toe heels in front of a peach background; woman in yellow sleevless top with front pockets and beige crossbody purse; verified merchant tab for the retailer “Bluxome” with black “shop” button.

Be the brand they discover next with merchant solutions like merchant storefront and build trust and loyalty with the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program:

Shop Tab on profile:
Consider this your always-on Pinterest shop. It's automatically created when you upload your catalog so people can shop right from your profile.

Verified Merchant Program:
People love to shop from brands they trust. That’s what the Verified Merchant Program is all about. It includes benefits like a “verified” badge on your profile and eligibility for enhanced distribution.

3. Scale campaigns for higher returns

Reach shoppers when they’re most likely to act. Shopping ads include helpful details like shipping times, reviews and promotions.

If they’re browsing one of your products, they might want to see more. Collections ads let you showcase adjacent products, just as you would in your store. You can even use video to show your product in action.

Reach the people who can’t stop thinking about your product—and just need another nudge. You can retarget based on what people were looking for on your site, or by what's in their cart.

Set and forget it. With Automatic Bidding, Pinterest will dynamically adjust your bids over time to deliver the maximum number of conversions for your budget. With Campaign Budgets, setup is simpler than ever and you’ll get more results, more efficiently.

The magic is in the mix

People love using Pinterest to shop—so we give them lots of ways to do it. When you use tools like Catalogs and Shopping ads, your products can show for people at every phase of the shopping journey.

When people search for high-intent keywords like "summer style” we show a special shop tab in their search results. The tab curates products with helpful details like pricing and brand info.

Some Pinners are still figuring out their tastes. For them, we offer shoppable product Shopping Spotlights and Style Guides curated by experts.

People can use visual search to shop the items they discover within individual Pins —like that cute lamp in a living room scene, or the perfect yellow sweater from a casual weekend look.

Pinterest’s Try On feature does just what it promises: It lets people virtually try on makeup looks like lipstick and eyeshadow, from the comfort of their couch.

People can shop in-stock products inspired by or directly from their own boards and Pins. Shopping List, for example, automatically aggregates all of the shoppable product Pins that Pinners have saved, so they can come back and shop when they’re ready.

Measure your success

Woman wearing white long sleeve top and magenta leggings, white sneakers in front of a pink background and search term that reads “athleisure outfit” in a magenta pill button.

Get a full picture of your paid and organic presence with the conversion insights dashboard. Learn how your campaigns are influencing online purchase behavior, and see what content is performing best so you can craft smarter media strategies.

7xincrease in return on ad spend using Pinterest Shopping ads**

Shopping ads helped B&Q hammer out more sales

“A great example of how the partnership between B&Q, Merkle and Pinterest has driven both amazing results and an improved customer experience. Pinterest Shopping has enabled us to provide consumers a seamless experience from inspiration to purchase.”

Edgar Mason,
Client Service Director, Merkle EMEA