Shopping ads delivered a 7x higher return on ad spend1 than previous campaigns, demonstrating that Pinterest hits the mark as a full-funnel solution for fashion brands.

From psychedelic coffee shops and gleaming canals to its longstanding status as one of the world’s most liberal cities, Amsterdam is all about freedom. And that sense of freedom, authenticity and self-expression is something that Scotch & Soda has placed at the forefront of their brand from day one. Born in the Dutch capital, Scotch & Soda’s collections for men, women and kids celebrate creative freedom, one stitch at a time.

Because fashion is such a significant category on Pinterest, the platform was ideal for Scotch & Soda. Furthermore, since Pinterest is all about discovery, it was a perfect fit for the brand’s focus on individuality and self-expression.

Alongside, their creative and media automation partner, and Wavemaker Greenhouse, their performance agency, Scotch & Soda decided to put their best foot forward and launch a performance campaign on Pinterest. They wanted to see if shopping ads could drive revenue and whether they had the biggest effect on the upper or lower funnel.

Key results


higher ROAS than previous campaigns


unique users1

Standing out with creative content
Shopping ads were the main component of Scotch & Soda’s Pinterest campaign, as they enabled them to leverage the “sales moment” more effectively. Additionally, shopping ads helped Scotch & Soda’s Pins appear on “related search,” which led to an increased volume of conversions.

Working with was particularly beneficial, as they helped Scotch & Soda go double Dutch by combining shopping ads and image templates. Coupled with the introduction of branded elements, this helped the fashion retailer’s Pins really stand out on the platform and proved to be much more effective than simply uploading product images from the original shopping catalogue.

Finally, the brand used interest targeting and actalike audiences to connect with fashion-conscious Pinners.

“I was over the moon to learn we had driven over 800k new users from the Pinterest, a platform that shares our belief in freedom of expression and individuality.”

Leon Wharton Hallen,
Paid Media Manager at Scotch & Soda

A perfect fit
Scotch & Soda’s campaign was on-trend, as they generated a 7x higher ROAS than previous campaigns. Also, the brand was able to reach 800K unique users, while generating 550 add-to-carts. Finally, Scotch & Soda were able to slash their CPAs by 40% compared to their goals. Bottom line: it’s clear that Pinterest was an effective full-funnel solution, helping the brand boost conversions at a low cost per acquisition.

Moving forward, Scotch & Soda are keen to expand into more branding activities, and having achieved so much on Pinterest already, they’re excited to find out what new opportunities lie ahead.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your shopping ads:

Take advantage of the visual nature of Pinterest by using the highest quality product image available to you.

Partner with your Pinterest representative to ensure that you're implementing best practices for your shopping campaigns.

Leverage Pinterest Ads Partners to find out how you can automate the bulk creation of relevant and contextual Pins at scale.

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