Pinterest Ads delivered a 78% drop in CPA, leading to improved customer acquisition and accelerated incremental growth.

They dig in, they rip, they pill, they suffocate—the horrors of hosiery have been well documented over the years. But for a long time, it’s just been one of those things that women have had to put up with. That’s until Heist hit the scene. Making it their mission to liberate women from disappointing underwear, Heist combines technology and science to make gravity-defying tights, knickers, socks and bralettes.

In 2018, Heist launched a new line of shapewear products after three years as a pureplay tights brand. However, because these garments are a little more expensive, it was necessary to add a few more touchpoints along the customer journey. Since Pinterest is often used by people who are considering a purchase, the platform was the perfect choice to support Heist’s customer acquisition strategy in 2019.

Over the course of the campaign, Heist wanted to improve their incremental customer acquisition while tightening up CPA.

Key results


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Shaping audience acquisition
In pursuit of more customers, Heist kicked off with a traffic campaign before moving onto an oCPM objective. To boost brand awareness, Heist ensured that all Promoted Pins included product USPs, brand colours, the company logo and a CTA.

From there, they optimised the campaign with Pinterest Ads. Using keyword targeting, Heist was able to reach the people on Pinterest who were searching for relevant topics, like tights, shapewear or women’s fashion.

“We chose Pinterest to tap into an incremental, highly considered audience that we weren’t reaching (or resonating with) through other performance platforms. Our experience of both the product and the customer success teams has been brilliant.”

Daniela Nardelli,
Marketing Manager, Heist

Stepping into success
The campaign was a resounding success, helping a large number of Pinners to fall in love with tights all over again! Heist were able to slash CPAs by a whopping 78%, while also dropping CPMs (cost per mille) by 50%. In other words, their customer acquisition efforts became significantly more efficient as a result of using Pinterest Ads. In fact, 3% of all the responses on Heist’s ‘How did you hear about us?’ post-first-purchase poll mentioned Pinterest.

Looking forward, Heist are excited to scale their use of Pinterest, who have become a valued, always-on performance partner.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Don’t refresh your ads or creative assets too often. Most top searches are unbranded, so there’s always an opportunity to reach new audiences.

Pinners come to the platform to learn about new products and services, so ensure that your ads are visual and educational.

When you’re narrowing down your target audience, don’t be afraid to start out with broad strokes. This can help the algorithm work out which users are a good fit for your brand.

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