Nena & Co. made their ads more efficient by combining dynamic retargeting with a unique brand story.

When Ali Hynek launched her lifestyle brand in 2013, she wanted her business to serve a dual purpose: bring Guatemalan style to US shoppers while supporting her native culture back home. These days, Nena & Co. employs over 80 seamstresses and master weavers in Guatemala. Their handcrafted handbags featuring vibrant woven Mayan patterns are now spotted everywhere, from SoHo to West Hollywood.

When Nena & Co. wanted to celebrate their focus on representation and introduce their artisans to new audiences, Pinterest provided them with just the right tools.




more efficient CPM on Pinterest than on other platforms1

Pin of a brown hand working colorful thread on a loom, with the text overlay, more humans, less machines

Pin of a colorful Nena & Co. handbag on a brown stool with black upholstered top, the Nena & Co. logo at the top of the Pin

Weaving a strategy
Nena & Co. decided to use Pinterest's shopping offering, which allows businesses to scale their advertising by easily turning their product feed into engaging Pins. They used carousel and standard ads to share their heritage story and their focus on sustainability, and then retargeted people who’d already engaged with the Nena & Co. brand—people interested in zero-waste and ethically sourced products.

Their Pins featured the handiwork and images of the women artisans. This led many people who saw the ads to immediately remember someone in their own lives, such as a grandmother or an aunt.

Nena & Co. discovered another benefit of their campaign: They continued to rack up impressions and clicks even after the campaign had ended since Pins live forever, unlike ads on other platforms.

“Pinterest has allowed us to reach the right people, and a lot of them. Once we started, our website traffic from Pinterest went way up.”

Erica West

Director of Marketing, Nena & Co.

Results and next steps
Because of Nena & Co.’s creative and targeting strategy, they successfully reached new customers and drove website visits, in a more effective way. Their advertising cost (CPM) was 34% lower than on other platforms, and they increased their return on ad spend (ROAS) by 8x1. They plan to continue using Pinterest to share their story and attract new customers.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

Put your product or service front and center. Avoid using abstract images or lifestyle imagery that doesn’t showcase your brand.

Align your creative to current Pinterest Trends to help send more traffic to your site.