Don’t quit your yay job

Colorful collage: upside down countryside at top. Hands molding a vase at left. Colorful ice cream and sprinkles with blue cone at right. Black man in a red shirt ponders as a key is handed down to him from top.

Turn your pastime into a payday

Who says hobbies can’t be lucrative? In 2022, people will build a new biz based on their specific interests, such as eyelashes, real estate or party rentals. While people were just looking for small business inspiration in our last report, this year they have more specific visions. Labor of love just took on a whole new meaning for this Millennial-driven trend.

Collage of realty themes. Black hand turns the key to an upside-down wooden house. Red A-frame house with a porch in the background next to a lake, snowy mountains and blue sky in the distance.

Collage of business ideas. White hand holds a taco shell. Flowers bloom from the shell. Silver food truck in the background, open for business. Light blue to-go coffee cup on the left with foamy coffee inside.

Creator spotlight

Creator @thatstylishnerd, also known as Anderson, doesn’t want a normal office job. Neither does his audience of photographers, videographers and designers. This camera expert shares how he turned a hobby into a full-time gig, and how you can too. Follow Anderson for a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a photographer.

“I know what it’s like to make the leap from 'hobby' to 'business.' Now I’m helping aspiring creatives do the same. I share how to get published in magazines, photography techniques for beginners and my camera bag essentials.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a finance brand...

People are looking for ideas to turn their hobbies into extra cash. Provide them budgeting tips, accounting software and investment products to help them open for business.

If you’re a home brand...

Many budding entrepreneurs design their home office first. Suggest items they’ll need to start up their new business like desks, chairs or shelving.

If you’re a tech brand...

Every small business needs the latest technology. From card readers to laptop upgrades, get in early with consumers as they consider this new business endeavor.

Pinterest search result for new business ideas. Person holding a cup of coffee while looking at a laptop. Vintage-looking food truck with string lights in front and the owner leaning on the counter. Tattooed man holding a tray full of succulents. Pin showcasing a smiling woman with blond hair and red eyeglasses. Pink speech bubble that reads new biz, who this? Description is get a small business discount.

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