Curve appeal

Collage of different curved home decor items. A big, curved blue sofa. A rounded mirror. A curved balcony. Architectural arches. White woman floating in a pool in the background. Floor lamps with rounded bulbs. A rounded green chair.

Arcs are in all ‘round the home

Design prediction for 2022: Curve’s the word. People will invest in home decor like curved couches, curved bar designs and curved kitchen islands. Boomers, Gen X and Millennials are driving searches behind this well-rounded home trend.

Collage of curved items. One green three-panel sofa, another in gray. Gray and tan swirled columns envelope the items.

Collage of pool-themed items. Legs diving into water inside a round hot tub, from an aerial view. Curved walkway, dark wood panel and swimming pool edge.

Creator spotlight

From rental-friendly ideas to upcycled candles, Luisa Erghötz shares home inspo that goes beyond seen-it-before decor. This interior designer follows her one passion: filling a home with handcrafted details. Follow Luisa for ideas that feel fresh, not overplayed.

“I cannot get enough of curved furniture and details. Curves add instant personality to parts of the home that need sprucing up. Bland living room? Try a curved couch. Basic room? Add an arched plant wall.”

Local spotlight

Curve appeal in Germany

We’ll give it to you straight: Germany will be one of the markets driving the Curve appeal trend in 2022. In this market, different design eras will come together: searches for the glass ball lamp—inspired by mid-century modern pieces from the 60s—will rise, along with searches for bent sofa, which saw adoption across the 80s. 

Trending search terms in Germany²

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a home brand...

Dive into this twisty trend. Using video ad tutorials, show people how to round out their homes with curved sofas or rounded bedside tables.

If you’re a travel brand...

Accentuate the curves in your hotel lobby and bar design with rounded furniture, or add a more subtle touch to individual hotel rooms with arched mirrors, sculptures and wall art.

If you’re a beauty brand...

Provide people with makeup video ad tutorials to master a new curve-inspired look. Think half-moon eyeshadow, wavy lip liner or rounded rouge.

Pinterest search results for curved walls. Light yellow flowers in a green vase on a table in front of a dark, curved, tiled wall. Rounded blue chairs at a window under a curved ceiling. Curved red opaque window. Pin in blue with an inset: Geometric walls in yellow, orange and blue. Red sofa chair with a gray pillow. Text reads round out your room, browse color swatches. Description is shop paint colors to fit every corner of your home.

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