Note that Pinterest ads might not be available in your country. We’re continuing to expand our ad products to more places around the world, and will keep updating this list to let you know when new countries have access.  

How to use Pinterest Ads Manager

Ads Manager is where you create, manage and report on your Pinterest campaigns. Think of it as your Pinterest advertising hub: a one-stop shop to set up campaigns, track results and improve your performance over time.

Nail the basics

Two Pins depicting a pair of white trainers on a pink background and a dancing Black man dressed in a red suit, white t-shirt and white trainers on a red background

Get access

Ads Manager is built right into your Pinterest Business account. When you’re ready to start a new campaign, look for the ‘Ads’ menu or head to

Choose your own ad(venture)

You can use Ads Manager to create individual ads or complex campaigns. To make things even easier, you can also duplicate or edit an existing campaign.

Consider using ad groups

If you decide to run more than one ad at a time, you’ll want to organise them into ‘ad groups’: ads that share a related theme. You can add multiple ad groups to the same campaign so that it’s easier to manage details such as goals and budgeting.

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