Join the Verified Merchant Programme

The Verified Merchant Programme helps shoppers to discover and buy from vetted brands. It’s free to join and makes your brand stand out. Plus, merchants in the programme see a 17% higher conversion rate than merchants who don't participate.1

Programme benefits

An exclusive badge

A badge on your profile and product Pins shows that your brand was vetted by the Pinterest team. You can catch the eye of shoppers as they decide what to buy.

Appear in shopping experiences

Products from verified merchants can show up within dedicated shopping experiences such as related Pins. This puts your products right in front of people who are looking for new brands.

Enable your Shop tab

Connect your catalogue to Pinterest and you'll get a special Shop tab on your profile. This puts all your shoppable products in one, easy-to-find place.

Value labels like eco-friendly and inclusive
Gain access to special features

Only verified merchants are eligible for features such as merchant details and hosted checkout via Shopify.

It's free to join

The Verified Merchant Programme is available to eligible merchants in participating countries. Please refer to our full list of requirements to see if your business qualifies.