Leveraging insights drawn from Pinterest, the premium cat food brand launched a campaign featuring video ads and keyword/interest targeting, achieving a view rate of 57%1 for their best performing Pin.

When it comes to the food you give your pets, who says healthy living and flavour have to be mutually exclusive? Certainly not Perfect Fit™, a cat food brand that’s all about high-quality nutrition for all cats, regardless of age or lifestyle. Part of the Mars Petcare family, Perfect Fit™’s holistic approach to advanced nutrition, exercise, and mental stimulation feeds into its core philosophy: Feed.Move.Play.

Perfect Fit™ wanted to drive awareness of their cat food range and show pet owners how their premium range can help to keep their pets happy and healthy. Armed with the knowledge that up to 60% of Pinners are pet owners2, Perfect Fit™ knew that Pinterest was the ideal space to promote its range of pet foods. Targeting a cat-owning audience interested in pet health (or in other words, Pinners with cat-titude!), Perfect Fit™ got their campaign underway.

Key stats:


view rate


video views3

Perfect Fit™ built its campaign around video ads supported by keyword and interest-targeting. The brand’s short form creative featured cats playing, as well as customer testimonials, which was ideal for driving awareness and connecting with Pinners who owned cats.

Furthermore, the brand targeted terms like “healthy cat food,” “healthy cats” and “active pets,” ensuring that their Pins were seen by Pinners searching for cat-related topics.

“We chose Pinterest because of the ability to target through search terms and to reach shoppers at a different stage in their journey. We are so pleased with the results of our first campaign in driving awareness for our brand.”

Hope Lambert, Brand Manager,
Mars Pet Nutrition UK

Ultimately, Perfect Fit™’s campaign produced strong results. The brand’s top-performing Pin, clocking in at just 8 seconds, achieved a peak completion rate of 18%, as well as an overall view rate of 57%, indicating that Perfect Fit™’s pet-focused creative resonated with Pinners. Moreover, the campaign’s CPM was 43% less than Pinterest’s benchmark4 – an outstanding result for a first-time campaign.

And as such, Mars Petcare are already running more Perfect Fit™ campaigns on Pinterest with a great new set of assets that show how the brand "keeps your pet amazing."

Tips for your next campaign

Aim for shorter videos to maximise results. Generally, 6-10 seconds is the sweet spot for engagement.

Introduce strong branded elements or product placement throughout your creative assets to boost awareness and favourability.

Pinterest tends to be a positive place, which means that the positive imagery of pets at play is perfectly at home on the platform.


Perfect Fit data, 2021


Perfect Fit data, 2021


Perfect Fit data, 2021


Perfect Fit data, 2021