Advertising recall on the platform grew by 5.4% within the first two weeks of the campaign.2 Furthermore, the view-through-rate (VTR) was 32% higher than the brand’s benchmark on the platform.2


advertising recall within two weeks


VTR vs. benchmarks

We inspire the world by sharing our passion for Mediterranean style and culture. The water that bathes our coasts, the warmth of its light and the joy of our people. At MANGO, we want to share the best of the Mediterranean essence we have cultivated for over 35 years. The taste for a slow life and an appreciation for detail, which we translate from our collections into timeless designs that are committed to the environment. A natural and contemporary style that also unites us through the enjoyment of culture in all its forms.

MANGO designs and creates fashion for the present, which means an enormous amount of adaptation. With the arrival of the COVID pandemic, they wanted to respond to the needs of their customers. How have they done it? Since inspiring is so important to Mango, they chose the platform for inspiration: Pinterest. That’s how they created a campaign based on the Comfy concept, a collection of comfortable everyday clothing.

After noticing that Pinterest searches related to comfortable clothes had increased significantly in 2020, MANGO identified the platform as the perfect setting to broadcast their message, maximise their media investment, and stay relevant.

To turn these goals into reality, MANGO designed a plan aimed at seven countries that consisted of launching several different video clips. The goal was to enhance not only brand recognition but also engagement rate and CPV.

The segmentation strategy MANGO used was based on interests and keywords by country, according to the following search trends on the platform:


in searches for jogger pants1


in searches for yoga fashion1


in searches for outfits with sweatpants1

In addition, MANGO worked with one of Pinterest's Creative Connect partners to design the creative assets, ensuring they were perfect for connecting with their audience and getting the message out.

“The most interesting part was being able to create an action plan working together with Pinterest. We set ourselves clear objectives in terms of what we wanted to find out and test. From there, it was easier to make decisions about how to use the platform in our global strategy.”

Communication team, Mango Spain

MANGO achieved its objectives in just 15 days: reaching 1.5 million users2 interested in comfortable clothing and increased advertising recall in all targets and across all the campaign formats.

Since launching the Comfy campaign on Pinterest, MANGO has continued to learn and use the platform to offer ideas and respond to the needs of its shoppers in real-time.

Tips for advertisers:

Before launching your campaign, work with Pinterest to make sure that your creative assets fit the characteristics of the platform, thereby increasing your chances of success.

Static Pins and video ads can produce outstanding results. The key lies in making them attractive and visually inspiring to generate more engagement.

Pinterest is the perfect place to keep your finger on the pulse of trends. Take advantage of the marketing tools offered to see which direction user searches are heading in.


Values represent April/May YoY search volume growth


Pinterest internal data, US, Search Data, April 2019 - May 2020


Pinterest Spain internal data, 2020