France’s go-to retailer for home improvement, decoration and gardening attracted 5.8m Pinners1 with inspiring content on Pinterest. Leroy Merlin developed a strategy based on the most-used search terms for each market and used these keywords to create content for full-funnel activation. The traffic and shopping campaigns enabled the brand to reach a record double-digit incremental ROAS on Pinterest.3


With their Pinterest campaigns’ business impact in their sights, Leroy Merlin carried out a study on five verticals to assess brand perception and intent to buy.

Following the keyword strategy rollout based on the most-used search terms for each market, Leroy Merlin reached out to the platform with the idea of measuring incremental impact on their online sales.

Pinterest stood out with excellent feedback on results achieved which made it a unique full-funnel marketing solution.


reached Pinners in 6 months1


increase in ad recall2


incremental sales lift3

Leroy Merlin obtained excellent results from their partnership with Pinterest. Their campaigns enjoyed effective marketing served by real full-funnel activation thanks to the right mix of formats and objectives.

The brand stood out in their market through a strategy harnessing keywords. They generated coherent keyword groups for each market and submarket based on the most-used search terms. This enabled Leroy Merlin to reach their target effectively and confirmed that they banked on the right strategy.

“We collaborate closely with Pinterest and work across all purchase funnel objectives; the impact on omnichannel sales measured during this campaign demonstrates Pinterest's strategic role in Leroy Merlin France's acquisition and media strategy.”

Pol-Amaury Cresp, Head of Media, Leroy Merlin

This collaboration marked the brand’s rise to home improvement benchmark status in France a little more. With a 10.7% incremental sales lift and double-digit incremental return on ad spend,3 Leroy Merlin once again put its name to an exceptional campaign.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

Activate the levers for each Pin format to create your Pinterest campaign, according to your objectives.

Use a keyword strategy to go with your campaign to better target your audience on Pinterest.

Measure your results effectively by carrying out a post-campaign Brand and Conversion Lift study.


Pinterest Internal data, France, H2 2020


Pinterest Brand Lift Study, France, H2 2020


Pinterest Conversion Lift Study, France, H2 2020