La Mer

Full funnel sampling campaign, a UK first from La Mer

The luxury skincare and makeup brand used Standard ads, Video ads and targeting strategies to launch a full-funnel sampling campaign on Pinterest. 

increase in reviews
engagement rate versus benchmark

Their goal

Targeting qualified leads on Pinterest

La Mer’s story began half a century ago, when Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in a laboratory accident. Left with scarring, he was inspired to transform the look of his skin by unlocking the restorative powers of the sea. After 6,000 experiments and 12 years of searching, he made a breakthrough: a fermentation process that transformed sea kelp and other ingredients into Miracle Broth, which was incorporated into the first formula for Crème de la Mer. Today, La Mer is one of the most coveted skincare brands in the world. 

La Mer wanted to deliver a targeted sampling campaign, showcasing their iconic moisturisers to qualified consumers who had previously engaged with their ads and browsed their product samples. They also wanted to recruit new users to the brand, grow their CRM database, and drive the number of reviews on their website. Pinterest gave La Mer access to a new audience, and because the format of Pins allowed La Mer to tell a rich story and take Pinners on a journey with them, it was the perfect platform for the campaign

Coraline Millena
Digital Marketing Manager, La Mer
“Having successfully worked on building our UK audience on Pinterest for the last 12 months, we saw a great opportunity to partner with Pinterest and SoPost to be the first UK brand to launch a sampling campaign on the platform.”

Their solution

Building a full-funnel sampling campaign 

La Mer developed a full-funnel strategy, from awareness to consideration to conversion. In the ‘Awareness’ phase, La Mer wanted to showcase their five different moisturiser textures, helping Pinners understand the benefits of each one. To do this, they launched Video ads – supported by keyword targeting – that displayed prominent branding throughout, aligning them with seasonal, everyday moments to add relevancy. 

In the ‘Consideration’ phase, La Mer re-targeted people who had engaged with their best-in-class creative in the previous phase. This was achieved through ads that prompted Pinners to claim a sample of their preferred texture. Finally, the ‘Conversion’ phase focused on re-targeting users who had already claimed a sample. La Mer used personalised, product-focused static Pins that featured a call to action, driving strong engagement and sales.

Coraline Millena
Digital Marketing Manager, La Mer
“Using our previous learns on Pinterest and on other social channels was key to our success, as was the partnership with the Pinterest creative studio, who helped us ensure that our creative was fit for the channel”

Their results

Boosting ER by 500%

The campaign was a success and helped to ensure that La Mer sent product samples to qualified leads. By tracking KPIs, La Mer was able to monitor and optimise throughout the campaign, allowing them to improve as they went and produce strong results. Pinners who received samples were highly engaged in the brand and opted into further communications at a +34% rate compared to the brand average. 

In addition, La Mer saw an increase of +150% in relation to reviews for their five hero moisturisers (a 100% increase in their goal of 50%), while they were able to increase their CRM database by 15% (versus their goal of 7%). The ‘Conversion’ phase was particularly successful, producing an engagement rate among those who had already claimed a sample of +500% compared to benchmarks.1

Advertiser tips

  • Don’t be afraid to learn and optimise as you go – part of the beauty of digital is the ability to try new things and tweak your campaigns in real-time. 
  • Take learnings from other platforms, for example key wording and assets, and apply them to Pinterest, while using data to ensure that you re-target consumers across channels with strong and consistent messaging. 
  • Remember that neither great creative or great media buying can bring results on their own. Work in partnership with the Pinterest team to make sure that your creative and media buying is optimised for the platform.


* La Mer Internal Data, 2019

La Mer Internal Data, 2019