Cuppa time

Colourful collage with stacked antique tea cups, plates and green macarons, with various hands, positioned with milk jugs and teapots above cups of amber tea, and a Black woman in green in the centre, looking at the camera and holding a gold cup.

Afternoon tea is the new happy hour

In 2022, people will choose darjeeling with a friend over drinks after work. Afternoon tea is more than a meal—it’s a moment, an aesthetic, a pose. Searches for ‘tea party aesthetic’ and ‘drinking tea pose’ are climbing across all age groups. Pinkies up—you’re royal-tea now.

Collage of tea-themed items. A carafe of citrus-flavoured iced tea is beside two glasses filled with iced tea, on a table covered with a blue tablecloth. A glass teapot filled with herbal tea is next to a glass mug of tea and a cup of herbal tea leaves. A field of yellow flowers is in the background.

Collage of teacups filled with tea in dark and amber shades. A white teapot, patterned with pink roses tilts downwards. A white hand dips a tea bag into a dark blue cup filled with tea.

Creator Spotlight

Teatime takes on a new meaning with Michael Tran. This boba-loving Creator shares his fantasy-like recipes for flavoured teas, pastel drinks and sweet bites. Follow Michael to create your own teatime aesthetic.

‘Drinking tea isn’t new. But I’m starting to see teatime as a whole mood this year. You can plan a date around pastel strawberry milk tea or splurge a little more for the teddy bear-shaped glass bottles. Now, it’s about more than just sipping tea.’

Local spotlight

Cuppa time in the US

The US may have boycotted tea at one point, but in 2022, we predict that it will be one of the leading countries to step into this trend. Some Americans will engage with teatime in the traditional sense—collecting tea cups, exploring photography or trying their hand at finger sandwiches—while others will give the occasion a whole new twist. Enter: hot tea bombs.

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a food or retail brand…

Food brands can offer up ideas for finger sandwich recipes and tea tasting menus. And retail brands can showcase modern kettles or traditional tea towels for an elegant cuppa-time aesthetic.

If you’re a paper goods brand…

What’s a tea party without an elegant invitation? Lean into high-tea party invitations (print and digital!) or suggest a post-party photo book.

If you’re an entertainment brand…

Share a teatime music playlist! Create the perfect ‘pinkies up’ party vibe with mellow music for entertaining.

Pinterest search results for tea recipes. Aerial view of a teacup filled with tea and a teabag over a colourful floral plate. A clear glass teapot filled with tea and apple slices. Aerial view of an orange cast iron tea kettle, with loose tea next to it. A Pin showcasing a bearded Black man wearing glasses and earbuds while holding a cup of tea. Text that reads, ‘Steep. Stream. Repeat. The perfect tea-pairing playlist’. The description below reads, ‘Cheers to these tea party playlists’.

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