Pinterest measurement

Understand the impact of your campaigns 

You can use Pinterest Analytics to measure campaign effectiveness, or work with one of our third party measurement partners to dig deeper into campaign performance. Our partners offer solutions for awareness, evaluation and sales campaigns. We also offer tracking and validation products that work for a range of marketing objectives. 


Brand lift measurement helps you to track metrics, such as brand loyalty, consideration and purchase intent. You can also use the results to optimise creative for future campaigns.  


Measure high-value activities online, in-app and in-store.  

Tracking and validation

These solutions help you to measure viewability, audience verification and conversion tracking for all types of marketing objectives. Get reporting on important metrics like viewability, impressions, engagements and clicks.

Ready to get started?

Open Ads Manager for our self-serve tools, or visit the Marketing Partners directory to learn more about our third-party measurement partners.