Measure. Manage. Make it better.

Your data’s telling you a story. Use our analytics and measurement tools to optimise your creative, fine-tune your targeting and help to improve your results.

Analytics for action

Ad selling a brown suede chair, pictured with its analytics

Pin stats: Click on an individual Pin to see metrics such as impressions, saves and clicks.

Pinterest Analytics: Use our analytics suite to get a more in-depth view of your Pinterest engagement.

Ads manager: Create and download custom reports about campaign performance.

Get granular conversion insights

Our conversion reporting tools help you to understand which actions people take after seeing Pinterest ads. You can look at data across the entire customer life cycle so that you know exactly where you’re winning customers, or missing out. Add the Pinterest tag to get started, then begin making your own reports.

Partner Up and Drive Results

Pinterest Partners can help you to dig deeper into campaign performance and value.

Use our proprietary insights to plan your next campaign

Audience Insights tools

See what your Pinterest audience is into and find new ways to reach them.

Trend dashboards

Discover what people are looking for on Pinterest, right now.

The point

Read our latest consumer insights and industry research.