The Point:  Great ideas make you take action. There’s a huge audience looking for compelling ideas—and we want them to find yours.

These days, by lunchtime, I feel like I’ve felt all the feelings I’ve ever known. From heartbreaking headlines to infuriating soundbites to polarizing posts from family and friends—it’s a lot. In fact, it’s paralyzing. It makes me feel like I can’t move.

And then I come to Pinterest. Pinterest is a place full of ideas. And here’s the magic of an idea: it doesn’t just make you feel inspired, it makes you feel motivated. It makes you move. It takes you from paralyzed to energized in a moment. An idea can help you learn something, try something, reinvent something. Maybe just your mood… and maybe something more.

“And here’s the magic of an idea: It doesn’t just make you feel inspired, it makes you feel motivated. It makes you move. It takes you from paralyzed to energized in a moment.”

Andréa Mallard

Chief Marketing Officer, Pinterest

Creators shown:

Maurice Harris (hero image), @bloomandplume

Raiza Costa, @raizacosta

Dennis Dixon, @dixonfit

Sweet Mutuals,

Raiza Costa displays pink confections on a boldly colored set
Dennis Dixon does pushups against an indoor wall on artificial grass
Sweet Mutuals adorns her face with sticky colored butterflies

Dabito hangs art on his gallery wall



That’s why, starting today, Pinterest is launching a new program to lift up and empower the kinds of creators who make and share ideas to act on.

With this new program, you’ll have more ways to tell your stories. It’ll be easier for you to show your work—share your process. And you’ll see great examples of this from a new class of makers, doers, inventors and challengers that we’re highlighting. Creators on a mission to get people to stop double tapping and actually create something.

Pinterest’s latest campaign, “Make the World Make,” celebrates 10 genre-defying creators. And not just the things you make, but the things you make us feel. Floral arrangements that can lift up culture. Desserts that can challenge societal norms. Outfits that turn insecurities into boldness, makeup that starts a conversation, a workout that accepts no excuses. And you’re already sharing the kinds of ideas that make me excited to step away from my keyboard, and roll up my sleeves.

Be a Pinterest creator

But this isn’t just about celebrating a few creators. This is an invitation to all creators. The only way we’re going to make it through 2020—or, hell, any year after this—is by flooding the internet and our lives with as many courageous, thrilling and immediate ideas as we can. That’s why, we’re hosting our first Pinterest Creator Festival, a digital event where we'll educate, celebrate and inspire you to (hopefully) create on Pinterest.

We hope that everyone who sees this new work, tries a new Idea Pin, or joins our festival, will carpe this diem. And every diem after this. Because there’s a huge audience out there, looking for compelling ideas—for what to make for dinner, or to make a plan, or to make their life better—and they could find yours. You just have to make it.

Make the world make.

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