How to make great Pins on Pinterest

Pins are ideas

After studying tens of thousands of Pins to see what works, our in-house creative team – The Studio – has learned a lot about what kind of Pins work best and why.

These guides offer their tips and best practices for creating Pins that look great and work well for your category.

Set yourself up for success

Useful tips for saving original content or content from your website.

Creative strategies for Pinterest

Advice to help you make beautiful, actionable Pins that work on Pinterest.

Category specific tips

There’s no one-size-fits-all creative strategy that works for everybody. These tips – based on what we found after studying the top performing Pins on Pinterest – will help you create great Pins for your category.

Create Pins to reach your business goals


Design tips, furniture, renovations and do-it-yourselfs.

Food and drink

Recipes, party ideas, easy meals and step-by-steps.


Outfit inspiration, style trends, accessories and must-haves.

Hair and beauty

Expert tips, personal care, fragrances and how-tos.