Be their next festive idea

People on Pinterest are ready to go big for festive season 2021. They’ve already started planning – and Pinterest is their first stop for new ideas.

Early adds up

Brands who start their festive campaigns earlier in the season see better results on Pinterest.


incremental sales lift for brands who advertise early1


more conversions when people are exposed to Pinterest ads earlier in the festive season2

At the front door of her red-brick home, a smiling Black woman accepts a large gift wrapped in navy blue paper with a big red bow

Festive season shopping starts on Pinterest

This chart shows indexed festive season searches on Pinterest, compared to a leading search engine.3 People come to Pinterest first. And every year, the majority of sales influenced by Pinterest are complete by Cyber Monday. In 2020, 60% of sales happened by that time.4

Line chart showing indexed festive season searches on Pinterest compared to a leading search engine, with the majority of sales influenced by Pinterest complete by Cyber Monday
A White couple looks out from the deck of an A-framed holiday home

Your timeline for success

The most effective festive season campaigns start in September, then include additional phases over time. Here’s how to sequence your festive strategy so that you reach people throughout the entire season.

Launch and inspire

: Prioritise your budget for awareness campaigns so that you’re top of mind as people start planning.

Creative: You can start running festive season messaging now, but you don’t have to. Even an increased presence at this time will help to set you up for seasonal success.

Shift into high gear

: More people are ready to spend, so move more budget to conversion campaigns. Keep running awareness and consideration campaigns too, to start finding new prospects.

Creative: Start running festive season visuals for most (if not all) of your creative. Make sure that you have strong CTAs so that people can act now.

Stick the finish

: You’ll still see lots of purchases in December, so make sure to keep spend up and focused on performance.

Creative: At this point, people are searching for utility and convenience. Feature last-minute sales and label your shipping cut-off dates. Include clear, effective CTAs to help them check off their shopping list.

2%lift in aided brand awareness, according to a Kantar Millward Brown Brand Lift Insights study*

Stand out from the festive crowd on Pinterest

To maximise awareness among younger shoppers, Boursin partnered with Antoni Porowski, food influencer and star of Netflix’s Queer Eye. The campaign paired close-ups of bite-sized snacks featuring Boursin cheese with clear branding and calls to action, learning to a 2% lift in aided brand awareness.5

Find your festive audience

We’ve identified six types of festive shoppers on Pinterest. Use our personas research to find the right people for your festive ads.

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Pinterest, meta study of Pinterest conversion lift studies for retail, global, 2020


Pinterest, internal campaign analysis, global, 2020. Early classified as 01/09–10/11; normal is 11/11–25/11; late is 26/11–31/12.


Compiled with Pinterest and publicly available third-party data, global, Jan 2020 – Jan 2021


Pinterest, internal analysis, Sep 2020 – Dec 2020


Boursin data, 2019. This footnote also corresponds to the data marked with *