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5 October 2021 – Colleen Stauffer

Call it a festival – or a Creator power hour. We’re planning 60 minutes of goodness to celebrate you, to hear from global Creators and to share the newest content features on Pinterest.

This free event is happening across the globe on 20 October. No matter where you are in the world, this is your chance to learn how to boost your presence on Pinterest.

You’ll hear from some of the freshest Creators on Pinterest about how to get your ideas noticed and build a community. Plus: we have a special guest who’ll share how they build a personal brand that’s authentic and unapologetic.

Make it here
‘Making it’ looks different for every Creator. We’ll dive deep into common Creator pain points, learning from Creators who aim for less stress and more success. Or, maybe making it means helping people to feel seen. Or nailing a partnership with a brand that you love. We’ll explore this theme and show how on our platform, it’s different to anywhere else.

You’ll hear directly from fellow Creators about their experiences, as they talk with each other about growing an engaged audience, monetising your content and managing challenges such as burnout.

A sneak preview
On Pinterest, it’s all about calling your own shots. Hear all about Pinterest product innovations for creating content, increasing engagement and making money doing what you love.

You’ll also get a peek into what’s next for Pinterest. Pinterest CEO and Co-Founder Ben Silbermann will share his vision for Creators on Pinterest – and what Pinterest is doing to boost Creator success.

Your audience is here
We’re excited to be building a platform that fosters a more meaningful connection between you and your audience. More than 400 million people on Pinterest are looking for ideas from creators like you.1

Come and see how Pinterest is different. Find out how we’re building a place where you can cut through the noise and make your mark as a Creator.

The Creators Festival will live-stream in Australia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States on 20 October.

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