Dear Creators: There’s a new way to create on Pinterest

20 October 2021Ben Silbermann, Pinterest CEO

Today we hosted our annual Creators Festival, with so many of you joining us from all over the world. It was our biggest Creators Festival yet, uniting established Creators such as Henri Purnell and Oyin Edogiwith those of you who are just starting out.

On Pinterest, we’re about ideas. What to try. What to cook. What to shop. We’re not about dance memes or political debates or selfies. Over 400 million people use Pinterest every month because we’re a more inspiring – and positive – place on the Internet.1

In fact, our mission is to provide everyone with the inspiration to create a life that they love. And over the years, as I’ve met with Pinners, I’ve heard the same thing again and again. Our community doesn't just value ideas, they value the people behind those ideas.

Your audience is here, waiting to hear your next story, to ask questions and to learn more about you. This is your opportunity to build more meaningful connections – whether you already have an audience, or you’re a new Creator who’s just starting to share what you’re all about. We’re building Pinterest for you.

Four people in various shades of yellow clothing with text overlays saying ‘Here’s mine’, ‘Love this’ and ‘Make it monochrome’

Make it here

Your ideas will make it here. Because people come specifically to find them, buy them and try them. And on Pinterest, content doesn’t expire after 24 hours or get lost in chronological feeds. It’ll be appreciated, embraced and built on over time.

Today we’re announcing several new products and programmes to help you to build success. We got here by talking to you: asking what you like and don’t like about Pinterest and other platforms, asking what you want to see next. We know that being a Creator is hard work. We’re hoping to make it a little easier – and more rewarding, too.

Here are some of the biggest updates we’re announcing today:

A creator hub, for all things you
The new creator hub is a one-stop shop for the most important Pinterest tools. You’ll find everything that you need to plan new Pinterest content, to analyse your performance and to take advantage of monetisation opportunities.

Mobile view of a profile for Carolyn Woods, along with a view of the performance tab of the Creator hub

Improved publishing tools
Now you have even more creative flexibility and control, right in the app. Take advantage of fun features such as stickers and music, edit within Pinterest and preview your Pins before they go live.

A sticker publishing tool with categories to explore: recipe, DIY, style, nature, doodles and words, with examples and a call to action at the bottom to explore all stickers
Photo of someone diving off a cliff into a blue ocean, with four different stickers added: fingers in a peace sign, a happy face with heart eyes, three asterisk stars and a text overlay saying ‘What’s your take?’

A new take on engagement
Starting today, all of your Idea Pins will include a space for takes. Whenever you share an Idea Pin, your audience can post a take to show their personal spin on your idea. For example: let’s say that you shared a recipe for pizza. Someone could post a take showing how they swapped in a different kind of cheese, or sharing their tips for making the crust.

Moody close-up of a blue and tan-coloured scarf on Lori Shaw’s Pinterest profile, along with a Pin of a woman wearing the scarf and a young girl having orange make-up applied to her eyelids with a text overlay saying ‘Create your take’

Actionable, shoppable content
It’s easier than ever for people to take action on your ideas. Make your Pins shoppable with product tagging and affiliate links, or enable visual search recommendations so that people can shop similar items from your Pin. You can also disclose paid partnerships with brands.

Two shelves with white vases and bowls and three books on the right-hand side of the top shelf, with the product tag ‘Minimalist ceramic bowl’
Mobile search results on a dark background for ‘ceramic bowl’, including two white bowls and a brown bowl with a floral interior

It’s different on Pinterest

We’re here to help you to cut through the noise. Connect with new audiences. Commit to putting yourself and your passions first.

Pinterest is a community of people waiting to be inspired by you. You can get back to the reason that you started creating in the first place; because you love what you do. And because you’re in it to connect with people that actually care – not about how you perform, but about what you create.

There’s a new way to create and it’s yours for the taking. On Pinterest. 

Missed the festival? Watch the replay.