Picking the right content for Pinterest

People on Pinterest are looking for ideas, and your Pin could be just what they’re after. Here’s some pointers to help you develop the right kind of content for Pinterest.

Think like your audience

When you create new Pins, start from your audience’s perspective. Why do they use Pinterest? What kind of ideas are they looking for? How can you help them make decisions?

Reuse and recycle

There are several ways to repurpose images that you already have, and make them work for Pinterest. You can reuse videos from other platforms, too.

Land on something good

When someone clicks your Pin, they want to learn more about it. Make sure that your landing page feels like a natural next step. For example, Pins that feature a product should link to a page where people can buy that product. If your Pin promotes an upcoming film, it should link to trailers or reviews. 

It’s OK to make multiple Pins for the same landing page. In fact, we recommend it! Save a variety of images that appeal to different kinds of people, and make sure to write unique descriptions for every Pin so they’re more likely to show up in search results. 

Man drawing a flowchart for an email campaign
Get wordy

Don’t forget to write a Pin description – it helps give more context and reinforces your branding. People only see part of the description in their feed, but they’ll see everything you wrote once they click.

Pin descriptions should match each Pin’s topic and goal. If you’re sharing a recipe, you could mention the main ingredients or prep methods. If you’re creating a travel Pin, you could add ideas for activities at that destination. Remember to include a call to action, especially if you’re trying to drive traffic or sales.

Make your description #relevant

Pin descriptions affect how your Pins appear in search results. Optimise your keywords and hashtags so your Pins show up for the right people.

To pick keywords, think about who you want to see your Pin and where you want it to appear. You can also start typing your topic into Pinterest search to see recommended topics. Let’s say that you’re a financial services company trying to reach new home buyers. You’d want to include keywords such as 'home purchase' and 'financial help'.

Pinterest hashtags function as broad search terms, and people use them to find trending content. Use 1–2 hashtags per Pin description, and keep them simple. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest hashtags aren't used for jokes, memes or commentary. So for a fashion brand, something like #springfashion would work well, but #ilookterribleinhats wouldn’t.