How to use Pinterest Ads Manager

Ads Manager is where you create, manage and report on your Pinterest campaigns. Think of it as your Pinterest advertising hub: a one-stop shop to set up campaigns, track results and improve your performance over time.

Nail the basics

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Get access

Ads Manager is built right into your Pinterest Business account. When you’re ready to start a new campaign, look for the ‘Ads’ menu or head to

Choose your own ad(venture)

You can use Ads Manager to create individual ads or complex campaigns. To make things even easier, you can also duplicate or edit an existing campaign.

Consider using ad groups

If you decide to run more than one ad at a time, you’ll want to organise them into ‘ad groups’: ads that share a related theme. You can add multiple ad groups to the same campaign so that it’s easier to manage details such as goals and budgeting.

Choose your goal

For every campaign, you’ll need to pick a single marketing objective. Your objective is why you’re here: the results you want to see from your campaign. The objective you pick within Ads Manager affects settings such as targeting, bidding and available ad formats.

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Your options

Help people to discover your brand or products, or get more eyes on your Video ads.

Get more traffic on or off Pinterest.

Increase actions such as online sales or sign-ups. Or, use Shopping Ads to highlight your product feed.

Pro tips

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Go full funnel

You can use Pinterest to drive results across the entire consumer journey. After your first campaign, consider how trying new objectives can help you to reach even more Pinners.

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Get creative

No matter what your goal is, make sure that you follow these creative best practices as you plan your next campaign.

Tune your targeting

People come to Pinterest to plan for all of life’s moments. Your targeting settings make sure that you’re showing specific, relevant and timely content to the people who are most likely to be interested in it.

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Your options

Reach a specific group (like ‘home décor enthusiasts’) by mixing and matching info about who people are, and what they’re into. You can target based on people’s interests, demographics, the keywords that they’re searching for or similarities to your existing audiences (called Actalikes).

If you have the Pinterest Tag, you can upload your customer list or retarget your previous website visitors.

Unlock all of Ads Manager’s targeting features at once to build the strategy that’s best for you.

Pro tips

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Preset it and forget it

To keep things simple, you can use the default targeting that Pinterest sets for you based on your goals and budget.

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Find similar audiences

If you’re looking to find more people like your current customers, try an Actalike audience. This tells Ads Manager to focus on finding people with similar behaviours to your existing customer base, which can increase the likelihood of them engaging with your brand.

Specify your spend and schedule

Control how much you’ll pay per ad, how often your ads show up and how long people will see them. You can spend a specific amount of your budget each day, or spread your spend over the campaign’s lifetime.

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Your options

Set your budget and duration at the ad group level.

Set your budget and duration at the campaign level.

Pro tips

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Think like a Pinner

Remember, Pinners are planners. They’re looking to find early inspiration for seasonal and life moments. Get to know Pinner planning timelines and assign your budget accordingly.

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Automate your budget

Just input how much you’re willing to spend on your campaign and our tools will allocate the budget across your ad groups to drive more efficient results.

Optimise and deliver

In this final step before you launch your campaign, you can turn on extra optimisations to make sure that you’re getting the best results. These optimisations help you to run more efficient campaigns and get the most out of your budget. As you navigate through these final decisions, Ads Manager includes tips to help you to choose the best fit for your campaign.

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Pro tips

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Go bid or go home

Look for the opportunity to use automatic bidding. In tests, advertisers using automatic bidding got 35% more clicks for the same budget.¹

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Get fast insights

Keep an eye on Pinterest Analytics so that you know what's performing well and where you can improve.

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