MRC accredited: Building trust in Pinterest Advertising

October 25, 2021 Jon Kaplan

As Peter Drucker once put it, “you can't manage what you can't measure.” Today, I’m thrilled to announce that advertisers have a new reason to feel confident about how they’re managing and measuring their Pinterest campaigns. The Media Rating Council (MRC), an independent non-profit organization that sets standards for digital advertising, has accredited Pinterest for two key metrics: display Pin impressions and display Pin clicks. 

What does that mean for you? It means that Pinterest is committed to providing advertisers with transparent and accurate metrics of campaign performance. We let the MRC in under the hood to understand how Pinterest measures, according to industry standards. 

Obtaining accreditation means that Pinterest met or exceeded compliance with industry standards to measure display impressions and display clicks. This includes invalid traffic filtration for activity from bots and crawlers. So, advertisers can find comfort knowing that Pinterest is working hard to show only real actions.  

“We congratulate Pinterest for earning MRC’s accreditation for its display ad impression and Pin clicks metrics in desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app environments, and look forward to continuing our work with Pinterest to expand upon the creative types for which it’s accredited,” said George W. Ivie, the Executive Director and CEO of MRC.

A monumental step forward

Our mission at Pinterest is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. We believe that for advertisers to deliver inspiring Pins, they have to trust that Pinterest is providing the right experience and the right metrics.    

Today is a monumental step forward in building that trust. The MRC has confirmed that Pinterest is accredited for display Pin impressions and display Pin clicks. We’re excited about this accreditation and what it means for creating a more trusted, more positive place on the internet.