Welcome to Pinterest ads, Japan

June 1, 2022Kei Narita

Three images on a lime green background. On the left, a picture of daisies in a clear vase. In the middle, a ceramic bowl and glasses and on the far right, an image of red chair on a counter.

We have news: We’ve launched ads in Japan, one of the world’s largest ad markets. 

Starting today, advertisers can reach the 8.7 million people in Japan who use Pinterest every month.1 Many are coming to Pinterest for shopping inspiration. In fact, two out of five people on Pinterest in Japan say they search for ideas on the platform when looking to buy something.2

Advertisers are already seeing success

Several Japanese advertisers tested Pinterest ads in the market—and saw great results. That includes brands like real estate company Tsukuruba Inc. and cowcamo, a platform for buying and selling renovated homes. The two companies teamed up to launch an advertising campaign on Pinterest targeted to people looking to fix up their homes.

The bottom line? New customers, more property showings and tons of inquiries. 

“Pinterest ads helped us to reach our target users—those interested in renovating their homes,” says Akira Shikata, Tsukuruba’s Marketing Team Manager. “Ads also helped us expand our reach and exceed our target results.”

Given the success, Tsukuruba plans to continue running campaigns on Pinterest beyond the test, Shikata says.  

Expanding our Shopify partnership 

As part of this launch, we’re also expanding our Shopify partnership to Japan so local merchants can easily add their product catalogs to Pinterest and start running shopping ads. This helps brands show up across the shopping journey, from that first moment of inspiration all the way to purchase decisions. 

Japan represents our 31st ads market and our third in Asia-Pacific, after Australia and New Zealand.