Staying connected to your customers can be challenging in the best of times. But when an unprecedented event like COVID-19 hits, what do you say and how do you say it?

Coronavirus has had a major impact on consumer behavior, and Pinterest usage is at an all-time high as people increase searches for things like home workouts, bread recipes and indoor activities.

Whether you’re an interior design studio that temporarily closed your doors or a brick-and-mortar retailer offering your products online for the first time, you’ll need new ways to reach your audience. Here are some tips and resources to help small businesses around the world keep serving their customers during these trying times.

1. Adapt your marketing messaging

You set the tone for how customers perceive your business during a difficult time. You’ll want to avoid appearing insensitive or opportunistic. That might mean tweaking your usual copy and creative to better speak to Pinners’ needs during this crisis.

We developed some guidance on how to communicate appropriately, with suggestions for creating content that feels authentic, understanding and helpful.

2. Use analytics to learn more about your audience

With schools closed worldwide and social distancing measures in place, we’re seeing huge shifts in the way consumers search online. You can use Pinterest Analytics to see how people are engaging with your content as well as other topics they’re interested in.

Parents, in particular, have to juggle work and their children’s schooling—all while keeping everyone happy and entertained. Pinners are seeking ideas for things like meals, kids’ activities and home office set-ups. They want help and they want it from businesses they trust—like yours.

3. Follow our best practices to create Pins that stand out

For Pinners, it’s comforting to have a place where they can feel inspired and plan for their lives. Follow our creative best practices to make sure your content stands out in the best possible way when people are looking for moments of happiness.

4. Improve your organic reach

You can reach a wider audience by going back to the basics. Combine what you already know about your customers with behavioral insights from Pinterest to come up with ideas for new Pins. Make sure your descriptions are accurate and align with relevant keywords and search terms. This helps us show your content to the right people.

5. Brush up on your Pinterest skills

The last few weeks have seen more saves and searches on Pinterest than at any other time in our history. With the right approach, you can meet your audience where they are. Pinterest Academy, our free e-learning tool, offers a range of lessons and tips to help you get a better handle on how to use Pins for your business.

COVID-19 is having a real impact on all of us—both in our professional and personal lives. But people on Pinterest are still searching for solutions and seeking inspiration. With this in mind, share thoughtful content that uplifts your audience and Pinners will be open to hearing from you during this uncertain time.

Want more tips? Visit our Insights page to ensure you understand your audience’s needs.

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