Higher frequency

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Protect your energy on the road to enlightenment

People are being called to a higher consciousness in 2022. Gen Z are looking for ways to raise their vibration, searching for spiritual awakening stages and even aura colors.

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Creator spotlight

Everybody has a different path to higher consciousness. Meet Julie Bourges. This wellness creator helps her audience overcome obstacles and learn to love themselves at the same time. Follow Julie and discover new ways to live with intention.

“This is the year to raise your vibration. I believe in spiritual awakenings because I’ve had one myself. Now, I share ways to protect your energy with the same intention that you protect your physical health.”

Local spotlight

Higher frequency in France

One market that will spearhead the spirituality movement in 2022 is France. With higher consciousness on their minds, the French will tap into spiritual pursuits like spiritual connection and spiritual image. And they’ll make their spaces sacred, too, searching for new ways to enhance their homes with spiritual decor.

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Bring this trend to life

If you’re a wellbeing brand...

Highlight everything you offer in the wellness space from crystals and oils to tarot and incense. And don’t forget the vibey candles to take their meditation practice to new heights!

If you’re an entertainment brand...

Help people tune in to higher vibes. Guide them to frequency-based music playlists, meditations and movies and shows that explore life’s deeper meaning.

If you’re a food and beverage brand...

Show people just how healing food can be. Highlight unexpected wellness benefits within your ingredients or share products that will enhance their meditation practice—like tea.

Pinterest search term for how to protect your energy. White bald man with a gray beard lounging on a hammock while with headphones on. Different types of crystals over different plates. A yoga block and a yoga strap on top of it. Pin showcasing an East Asian young man with headphones on leaning over the handle of an electric scooter. Text reads, calm your commute. Description reads, explore podcasts that help protect your energy.

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