Collage of party themes. Older, smiling East Asian man at right holds up a hand. White woman at center smiles and holds out her arms. White child at right in an astronaut helmet. Iguana at upper left on a green branch. Martini on a multicolored table cloth. Cake with male and female figurines. Black heart-shaped balloons. Balloons of different bright colors at upper left.

Parties for life’s undercelebrated moments

RSVP to a new reason to celebrate. In 2022, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers will embrace celebrations that mark fresh milestones and open new chapters. Empty nest? Party. Adoption went through? Party. Bad breakup? Here’s a cake.

Collage of party themes. On the left, white woman with blonde hair and bright red lipstick dances in a pink dress. Half-eaten pink cake on a white platter. White hand squeezes the bottom of a red heart-shaped balloon.

East Asian woman at left hugs a brown dog. White woman at right with spiky hair and an iguana on top of her head.

Creator spotlight

Keep your eyes on Brittany Jepsen: a designer, illustrator and stylist who incorporates bright colors into everything she does. When it comes to her celebrations, don’t expect the ordinary. Follow Brittany for whimsical DIYs and tablescapes that put her in a league of her own.

“I buy my friends a gift when they find a new apartment. Seriously! I throw altbashes to get together with people for something special but relatable. One thing I learned as the altbash queen: people like any excuse to eat cake.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a food and beverage brand...

Use video ads to help people whip up just the right treats to commemorate memorable milestones—like breakup cakes.

If you’re a travel brand...

Help people craft a breakup getaway or empty nest bucket-list trip to mark a major life transition. And once they’ve set their itinerary, serve them relevant ads powered by automatic bidding to simplify vacation planning.

If you are a finance brand...

Use targeted ads with tailored offers to help people celebrate their financial milestones—like a party once they complete their mortgage payments or a “so long, student loans” celebration.

Pinterest search results for pet adoption party. Greyhound in orange and yellow ribbons. Dog snout sniffs a cupcake, dog treat on top. Yellow and white dog among orange, white and gold balloons. Black dog at indoor party. Pin of a black dog at an indoor party, a bowl of kibble and cupcakes. Text reads throw the perfect gotcha day paw-ty, play yeah. Description reads pet party ideas and treats.

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