Batter up

Collage of cakes. Yellow rounded cake with a teacup hovering on top spilling pink frosting over it. Red velvet cake with a chocolate center. Two-tier cake with flowers made out of fondant. Orange gelatin cake. Green geode cake.

Ditch the cupcakes, please

Enough with the pie bars. Cake pops had their moment. In 2022, bakers will give us the badly *kneaded* cake break we’ve all been waiting for. People will craft elaborate cakes to express whatever mood they’re in, from gravity defying tiers to bubble and 3D cakes. This trend is especially popular among Millennials, Gen X and Boomers.

Light green, three-tier cake on left, smaller yellow and white two-tier cake on right. Hand applies details to the cake on the left. White frosting background.

Two bubble cakes: white with four tiers on right, light blue with two tiers on left. Yellow background with solid floating yellow bubbles.

Creator spotlight

You get more than basic flavors when you follow Scott Ball. Just take a look at his decadent dark chocolate s’mores bars or ginger and rum pancakes. Follow Scott for eye-catching recipes that take flavor very, very seriously.

“Cakes are a classic for a reason! You feel special baking them. You feel even more special eating them. Now, I’m experimenting with new, unexpected versions like bubble cakes or cakes piled high with wacky colors and extra tiers.”

Local spotlight

Batter up in the UK

With the world’s most beloved baking program born in the UK, Brits will be baking-obsessed in 2022. In a market that’s known for its attention to refined detail, some of the leading cake trends here are more modern than you might expect. Abstract drip cakes and jelly art cakes take these bakes squarely into an edible-art direction with treats that are truly museum-worthy. 

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a food and beverage brand...

Help them make their cake and eat it, too. Use interest and keyword targeting to provide people with extraordinary cake recipes and special ingredients to create edible art.

If you’re an entertainment brand...

Take gravity-defying cake ideas to a whole new level. Partner with a creator on video ads to give people sweet inspiration for their fandom communities or watch parties.

If you’re a retail or home brand...

Elaborate desserts deserve elaborate presentations. Use collections ads to show people decor and cake displays that complement their top-tiered masterpiece. And don’t forget the smaller appliances, too, like stand mixers and toaster ovens.

Pinterest search results for dessert display. Three-tiered tray of pastries. Cake with white frosting on a stand, piece on pink plate. Table with gray patterned tablecloth. White cabinet with pink interior, cupcakes and jars of candy. Pin of a lime green cake stand. Text reads balanced table, decadence on display, shop cake stands. Description reads explore holiday bakeware.

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