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The health and fitness app turned trial users into paid subscribers

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“Conversion optimization really focused our ad spend where it did the most good. The new optimization feature has taken our acquisition campaigns to the next level.”
Sam Wheatley,
Director of Growth Marketing, Noom

Noom customers go from try to buy

Noom offers free trials to get people familiar with their app. But trials aren't their end goal: They want loyal, paying subscribers.

The team has run various Pinterest campaigns over time. This time around, they set up a campaign specifically designed to convert people from free to paid memberships.

They chose the conversion campaign objective to pick a specific performance goal. As their campaign ran, Pinterest’s conversion optimization tools helped the team manage budget and performance behind the scenes.
4xincrease in conversions

A new team record

By the end of their conversion campaign, Noom saw a 4x increase in conversions.1 They believe conversion optimization played a huge role, since their budget and delivery was optimized over time.

Thanks to their stellar results, Noom plans to keep using Pinterest video ads and conversion campaigns.

Learn from their success

  • Use Pinterest Analytics for helpful targeting insights. Once you see who you’re reaching and what they care about, you can edit your creative and messaging to resonate even better.
  • Try conversion campaigns to optimize your cost per acquisition. Once you pick a specific performance goal, Pinterest’s tools will help optimize your bids.

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