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The book subscription company did so well, they sold out their inventory

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“We're so happy with the results of our Pinterest campaign. Our Pinterest ads feel organic and natural, and they help us reach a lot of passionate readers in a discovery mindset.”
Alix Adams, Founder, LitJoy Crate

A new chapter for customer growth

LitJoy Crate set their sights on a new marketing goal: To sign up new subscribers for under $10 apiece. Then they made it happen with a Pinterest campaign targeted to women ages 20-35.

LitJoy Crate’s monthly book subscription boxes are especially popular with women who are avid readers and identify as fans of franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. For this Pinterest campaign, the team created images showing what you’d find in a typical LitJoy Crate box: One or two books, plus goodies related to that month’s stories. Their ad creative caught people’s attention with artfully arranged images and copy about their nomination for the “best book subscription”.
70%lower CPA on Pinterest1

70% lower CPA on Pinterest

Pinterest drove so many new subscriptions that LitJoy Crate sold out of their monthly box weeks before they usually do. They blew right past their $10 cost per acquisition (CPA) campaign goal, signing up new subscribers for between $2 and $5 each.1 With a CPA 70% lower than their average across all marketing channels, Pinterest has earned the bulk of LitJoy Crate’s marketing budget going forward.1

Learn from their success

  • Make sure to optimize for mobile, since lots of people will click to your site from their phone.
  • Use Pinterest's targeting tools to identify the right keywords and play around with different combos to see what works best.
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