New audience, more cost-efficient traffic. Combining automatic bidding and keyword targeting provided spotless coverage for IT Cosmetics’ search campaign.

IT Cosmetics knew there must be more. Even with the best-selling color correcting (CC) cream on the market, they knew there had to be more potential customers out there. They just hadn’t heard of IT Cosmetics… yet.

And that’s why they turned to Pinterest search ads. On Pinterest, 91% of beauty searches are unbranded.1 IT Cosmetics saw that this discovery mindset created an opportunity to reach people when they’re actively searching for a CC cream, before they decide which one to buy.


higher return on ad spend than on another platform2


more cost-efficient in driving site traffic than other platforms2

Gorgeous results

See how IT Cosmetics spruced up their acquisition campaign.

A Pin featuring a before/after photo of a Black woman and a bottle of IT Cosmetics full coverage cream.

The perfect blend of tactics

IT Cosmetics targeted keywords across the CC cream and face makeup categories. The broad approach allowed the team to reach—and convert—a whole new set of potential customers.

They were also one of the first advertisers to use automatic bidding, where the Pinterest algorithm manages the bids for you. Automatic bidding optimizes activity and ensures that cost to the advertiser remains low. IT Cosmetics immediately saw success in switching from standard to automatic bidding, with an 84% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) and 57% more efficient costs per click (CPCs).2

Working with their media agency Add3, they found that a combination of different creative concepts drove the best results. Top-performing ads included before-and-after Pins and content emphasizing product benefits.

“Through our non-brand search campaigns, we capitalized on Pinterest’s ability to reach new customers in the discovery phase while also increasing purchase intent. The visual nature of the platform allowed us to showcase our #1 product in an impactful way. We’re thrilled with our return on investment.”

Patricia Garcia Harduf
Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, IT Cosmetics

More cost-efficient traffic, higher returns
Not only did the beauty brand reach new audiences and convert new customers, but IT Cosmetics was also a top organic search term for color correcting cream during the campaign period. Their organic reach on Pinterest has since grown 2x this year.3 They also noted that people saved their content on boards for “digital shopping lists” as well as those about helping women feel confident—so they expect the campaign will continue to deliver into the future.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Non-branded search provides a unique opportunity to reach new potential customers before they’ve decided on brand or product.

Tap into Pinterest search trends to inform your creative. Often, top-performing ads align with what people are already looking for.

Learn more about how automatic bidding can help you get more cost-efficient results.