A master class in boosting sales, a shopping campaign from Floor & Decor shows home remodelers the products they’re looking for—and helps nudge them along the path to purchase.

Remodeling sounds fun…until you start. Then it can quickly drive you nuts: The research, the options, the costs. When you’re doing a home-improvement project, you need sound advice, affordable solutions and trusted sources.

Which is exactly where Floor & Decor comes in. The flooring retailer came to Pinterest hoping to build a relationship with home remodelers. They predicted that reaching this audience while they planned would lead to more sales—and then they made it happen.


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A Pin featuring a panel tile in different shades of gray

Searchable, shoppable products
For Floor & Decor, deciding to advertise on Pinterest was a no-brainer. It was all about the mindset people have when they use the platform to explore home improvement ideas. Many people are looking for inspiration. Other people are in serious planning mode—or ready to buy. For retailers, that means lots of chances to connect.

Shopping ads were the team’s best bet to reach the right audience, at the right time. When you run a shopping campaign, it’s easy for people to save your products for later, or even make a purchase in just a few clicks.

This campaign type also helped Floor & Decor get all of its products onto Pinterest quickly and easily. The team uploaded their product catalog, and chose to have Pins automatically created for every item. For every item they uploaded, they got product Pins that displayed real-time info from the catalog, like pricing details and inventory availability.

“For Pinners, shopping ads make the journey from planning to purchasing much easier. For advertisers, shopping ads make it a snap to create a large volume of Pins that both inspire potential customers and directly drive conversions.”

Andrea Striebel

Senior Director of Customer & Digital Marketing, 
Floor & Decor

Floored by success
Since the campaign launched in September 2018, Floor & Decor has continued to polish their strategy. A test-and-learn approach has helped them learn what works best for their brand on Pinterest. As a result, they improved the campaign’s sales performance by 3x in 9 months. And in order to make it even easier for people to discover and buy their products, Floor & Decor has since joined the Verified Merchant Program.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

After launch, continue refining your strategy based on real-time performance and insights.

Be open to testing. For example, Floor & Decor tested prospecting and retargeting audiences at the beginning, across all product categories. Over time, they streamlined their campaigns down to their top-performing products and targeting types.

Consider joining the Verified Merchant Program. A blue checkmark on your Pinterest profile lets shoppers know your brand has been vetted, and you'll also get access to other merchant perks.