Häagen-Dazs discovered that combining interest and keyword targeting made a sweet recipe for driving offline sales.

If Häagen-Dazs says adult beverages are better with ice cream, who’s going to argue? That’s the spirit behind their Spirits Collection, crafted to offer new ways for people to indulge. Each flavor can pair with a cocktail, elevate a float... or simply be enjoyed on its own.

Right before the 2019 peak summer season, Häagen-Dazs introduced ice cream lovers to their newest line of frozen treats. They wanted to reach Pinners searching for summertime snacks and inspire shoppers to snag the goodies in-store.


return on ad spend1


lift in sales2

Feeding awareness and sales
To both increase awareness and drive sales, Häagen-Dazs used a combination of interest and keyword targeting. Interest targeting shows ads in people’s home feeds based on what they like—their hobbies, tastes, etc. Keyword targeting shows your ads to people who search specific terms and are ready to take action.

By combining the two, Häagen-Dazs reached people casually browsing on Pinterest for ice cream flavors and recipes and got them excited enough to scoop up this new line of sweet treats while in store.

“Through our campaign, we saw that people were really engaging with our recipe Pins and that turned into a greater likelihood of them seeking out these new flavors in retail.”

Elizabell Marquez
Head of Marketing, 
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream3

The Pinterest campaign delivered a 3% lift in sales across the Häagen-Dazs portfolio and a 2x return on ad spend. The campaign’s success has inspired the team to update their communication launch strategy for future products.

Tips for your next campaign

Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Using a mix of keyword and interest targeting can maximize in-store sales by creating a personalized experience for Pinners.

When you advertise a wide range of products, aligning specific creative with specific targeting groups can help improve results.

Need help picking your ad formats? Take a look at your options.