The Point: Our newest Pinners are redefining Pinterest. Which means they’re redefining your marketing opportunity, too. 

Pinterest has always been a place for women. They’re 60% of our global audience—and we’re proud of that.1 But in 2020, our fastest growth came from two emerging audiences: Gen Z and men. Both audiences were up 40% in 2020.2

As our reach keeps diversifying, Pinterest is changing too. These new Pinners are broadening how and why people use Pinterest. They’re driving more engagement for topics like entertainment, gaming and financial planning. They’re inspiring new Pinterest trends, like colorful eyebrows and digital decor. And the more they use Pinterest, the ideas they’re adding to the platform are spreading to more kinds of people. 

In other words, our newest Pinners are redefining Pinterest. Which means they’re redefining your marketing opportunity, too. 

People are using Pinterest to find tattoo ideas.

Gen X are driving searches for new charcuterie trends.

Men are using Pinterest to find inspiration for living room designs.

Gen Z look to the future
Gen Z are using Pinterest to dream about their futures, creating boards with titles like “Life Goals” and “Invest In Yourself.” They’re optimistic about what’s ahead—and charting their own paths to get there. Their boards show a focus on career development, financial planning and personal growth.  

They’re also pushing outside-the-box trends like colorful eyebrows and monochromatic aesthetics. As they save more of these ideas to Pinterest, they’re gaining popularity with other generations, too. 

And Gen Z are more than happy to share their finds. After all, they consider themselves purchase influencers. US Gen Z Pinners are 25% more likely than the average internet user to tell their friends and family about new products.3 In Canada, Gen Z is 40% more likely to do so.4

Meet the men on Pinterest
Male Pinners are confident and creative, and Pinterest helps them manifest those traits in their everyday lives. They’re using Pinterest to transform themselves and their passions. Think boards like “Business Skills,” “Fun Things I Would Like At My Home” and “Amazing Recipes I Need To Try.”  

Male Pinners are helping drive increased engagement for topics like video games, digital decor and web design. They’re also more likely to use Pinterest to pursue their passions for music. Compared to other Pinners, men are more likely to save Pins for topics like music album cover, musical instruments and guitarists. 

Gen Z Pinners are searching for fashion and outfit ideas.

Gen X Pinners are driving searches for Michelin-worthy meals at home.

Pinners of all ages are engaged as ever 
Other generations of Pinners are still going strong, too. Millennials on Pinterest are as active as ever. They’re looking for joy and planning celebrations for even the tiniest moments, like monthly anniversaries or “month-saries."

Gen X are the foodies on Pinterest, driving searches behind new charcuterie trends that go beyond salami and crackers and Michelin-worthy meals at home. 

And Boomers? Well, they’re looking to get away. They’re searching for nomadic lifestyle ideas and opting for life on the road, looking for wildflower fields and stargazing spots.

Be their next save. Their next try. Their next buy.  
On Pinterest, you’re reaching decision-makers and trendsetters all over the world. But these Pinners need a roadmap—and that’s where you come in. Be the brand that shows them how to make their ideas a reality and you’ll be the brand that helps them own their future. 

And if you believe Pinners, that future is bright.

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