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Share your ideas with more than 250 million people each month

People come to Pinterest looking for ideas to discover, save and do. Your Pins help people understand what your brand stands for and how it can fit into their lives.

40 %
more people on Pinterest than last year
93 %
of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases
67 %
of Pinners say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from business content on Pinterest
1 of 2
people have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin
Your audience on Pinterest

Wondering who’s on Pinterest these days? Among our 250 million monthly users, you’ll find millennials, parents, app aficionados and more.

Inspire people to act

Everything people do on Pinterest leads them closer to action. They do more than browse feeds: 70% search, save or click on a Pin.1 Since people use Pinterest across the consumer journey, your brand can play a role all the way from inspiration to purchase.

Drive real business results

People use Pinterest to plan, so businesses see great results. People’s behavior on Pinterest gives you clear signals on what your audience wants and how to help them.

Brands use Promoted Pins to achieve a range of marketing goals, from building brand awareness to boosting in-store sales. Promoted Pins pay off: an Oracle Data Cloud study showed that they drive 5x greater in-store sales than ads on other platforms.2 

People find ideas across categories

Style report

Pinners spend 30% more on fashion than people not on Pinterest.3 Get a head-to-toe look at more style stats.

Food report

Pinterest households spend 5% more on groceries than the national average.4 See what food is heating up on Pinterest.

Home report

People on Pinterest spend 27% more on home decor than non-Pinners.5 See how you can become a fixture with home decor shoppers.

Travel report

Pinterest is a hot spot for travel—people save 2 million travel ideas per day.6 Check out Pinners’ top destinations, and how to be there before they book.

Auto report

People on Pinterest are 18% more likely to buy a new vehicle than people not on Pinterest.7 Find out how you can reach car shoppers earlier on Pinterest.

Holiday report

People on Pinterest spend 45% more on gifts than non-Pinners.8 Check out our holiday report to see how to reach Pinners as they plan for the holidays.

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