The art of the Pin

We’ve done studies to better understand which types of Pins perform well. In this video, see what we learned—we’ll cover quick tips on making your images, content and text stand out. 

The art of making boards

Learn how to make compelling collections of Pins that will help you grow an audience and build your brand.

How to use Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics helps you learn more about your audience and see how Pins are performing from your profile and website. For more details, check out our analytics guide:
To see your Pinterest Analytics, visit (You have to have a Pinterest business account!)

Creating your first Pins

Ready to start adding Pins to your business account? In this video you’ll learn what Pins are, how to add Pins, and tips for Pinning like a pro.

Creating your first boards

No matter what kind of business you have, Pinterest boards let you showcase your brand to the world. Learn more about what boards are, why they’re important and how to create them. 

Getting started with Promoted Pins

In this video, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with cost-per-click Promoted Pins, from setting up your account to choosing keywords to setting a budget. 

Making click-worthy Pins

Check out this video for tips on making eye-catching Pins that'll drive traffic to your website. 

Reach Pinners planning for their future

In this video, you'll learn the value of Pinterest for businesses and get more details on how our products can help you achieve your marketing goals.

All about auction-based campaigns

From formats to bidding and targeting, learn how to activate Promoted Pins for Intent (cost-per-engagement) and Action (cost-per-click). 

Measuring success & interpreting your data

Learn how to analyze Pinterest ad reports and understand your campaign performance.

Optimizing your campaigns

After you get started, watch this video to learn how you can optimize your campaigns to get more clicks and drive more sales.