Verified Merchant Program

Coming soon

We’re launching a Verified Merchant Program to help Pinners discover and buy from trustworthy brands. It’s a win-win for you and your customers: They find the right products, and you find new customers.

If you’re accepted into the program, your products will be eligible for distribution within Pinterest shopping experiences. That could include features like Shop the Look Pins or related product carousels. 

Sign up for our application waitlist, and you’ll be the first to know when applications open. 

Shopping products
Why sell on Pinterest?

People use Pinterest when they plan to make a purchase, but don’t know what to buy. They start with a rough idea of what they want and use Pinterest to fill in the blanks. As they get closer to a decision, they use shopping features like product Pins and Shop the Look to find exactly what they want.


of the top searches on Pinterest are non-branded
of Pinners have made a purchase based on content from brands on Pinterest
What you get as a Verified Merchant

Stand out from other brands

Only Verified Merchants will get “Verified” badges on their profile and product Pins. This tells Pinners that your brand was vetted for trustworthiness and helps them shop with confidence. Your product Pins will also show product availability and pricing info. 


Measure what matters

Verified Merchants will get early access to our conversion insights tool. This helps measure the total sales impact of your paid and organic Pins.

Shopping profile

Enable your shop tab

Merchants that add their catalog to Pinterest get a special shop tab on their profile. This makes it easier for Pinners to see what you sell.

Shopping feature

Appear in shopping features

Products from Verified Merchants are eligible for distribution within dedicated shopping features on Pinterest, like Shop the Look Pins. This puts your products right in front of people looking for new brands.

Get your account ready

Applications aren’t open yet, but you can get your account ready now. There are three requirements to apply: 

  1. Upload your product feed to get your products onto Pinterest. 

  2. Install the Pinterest Tag so you can track actions that come from Pinterest. If you don’t want to install our Tag, you can use a compatible tag manager instead.

  3. Meet our merchant guidelines. We’ll vet applicants based on brand trustworthiness. 

Sign up for updates

We’ll start accepting applications for the Verified Merchant Program later this year. Fill out this form, and you’ll be the first to know when applications are available.

Signing up means you agree to be contacted by Pinterest about its products and services, and that Pinterest may use your information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. This program is only available in the US. See full program terms.

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