Measure sales on Pinterest

Measure sales on Pinterest

We offer six solutions to measure how Pinterest campaigns impact your sales results both online and offline.

Self-serve tools

The Pinterest Tag: The Pinterest Tag helps you make more informed business decisions. The tag tracks your website conversions, giving you important insight into how Pinners interact with your site. You can also use tag data to build audience segments for more efficient targeting, and to develop creative ads. You'll need to add a piece of JavaScript into your site's code to use this feature. Add our Enhanced Match feature to improve conversion reporting.

Work with a measurement partner

These measurement solutions provide more detailed performance reporting for sales campaigns. If you want to work with one of our approved third-party partners, please talk to your account team.  

Pinterest conversion lift: Pinterest conversion lift studies measure the lift in conversion behaviors (ex. purchases) of Pinners who were exposed to a Pinterest ad, compared to identical Pinners who weren't exposed. The resulting conversion lift represents Pinterest’s incremental impact on conversions.

Mobile measurement: Leverage attribution and analytics tools from these mobile measurement partners to understand how Pinterest campaigns drive installs and downstream actions in your mobile app. We work with Adjust, Apsalar, AppsFlyer, Kochava and TUNE.

Multi-touch attribution: Measure how Pinterest campaigns impact online sales relative to ads on other platforms. We partner with Neustar MarketShare for MTA.

Sales lift measurement: Measure the in-store incremental sales impact of your Pinterest campaigns. These studies can also help you identify opportunities to increase sales in future campaigns.  We partner with Acxiom, Nielsen Catalina and Oracle Data Cloud for offline sales lift.

Marketing mix modeling: Use data about your Pinterest campaigns to better understand and measure how Pinterest drives incremental sales. We work with Analytic Partners to help marketers measure Pinterest’s impact on sales across the entire path to purchase, both on Pinterest itself and on other platforms.