Their goal

In 2013, a trio of former Gilt employees took their eye for modern tastes and e-commerce experience to launch Zola, an online wedding registry. One of the team’s first tasks was to create eye-catching Pins. To do that, they’ve followed Pinterest best practices, using high-quality photographs, vertically oriented images and tasteful logos. Whether they’re adding Pins about registry must-haves or honeymoon ideas, Zola reinforces their brand as a sleek, simple and easy-to-use service by creating beautiful and useful Pins.

However, Zola’s creative strategy doesn’t just stop there—they make sure that their Pins look good and have substance. They make their content helpful (and save-worthy) for people by incorporating elements like simple text overlays and curated lists. Zola also added more information to their Pins by writing thorough descriptions. Pins with detailed descriptions that included a strong call to action (CTA) increased conversion rate by 100%.

44 %
increase in conversions
50 %
more clicks
Laura Holliday
Chief Marketing Officer, Zola
“Pinterest is a primary platform for couples who are gathering inspiration for their wedding. It’s important to us that Zola becomes part of that planning process.”
Their solution

To ensure that their ads are shown to the right people at the right time, Zola is as methodical with their Promoted Pins strategy as they are with their creative strategy. 

First, Zola helps their Pins show up more easily in search results and category feeds by partnering with Unique Influence to add relevant terms. Using relevant terms that connect with the target audience, such as “wedding planning” and “registry ideas” has helped drive successful performance for Zola. Pins used for these terms vary from inspirational images to product specific items people can register for. Zola even revisits these terms later on, removing and editing low performers.Next, they make sure to target their ads to their desired demographic, men and women in the United States. After noticing that their audience tends to save on mobile and convert on computers, Zola broadened their targeting to all devices.


By refining their Promoted Pins process from top to bottom, Zola has seen a 44% increase in conversions and a more than 50% increase in clickthrough rates. 

“Couples love using Zola registry once they discover it. Using relevant wedding keywords to target our Promoted Pins, we’re able to get the word out to newly engaged couples,“ Holliday said.