Wpromote uses Pinterest to set campaigns up for success

The ad agency teamed up with Pinterest to optimize Promoted Pin campaigns for a variety of clients, resulting in 40% lower CPAs and 26% lower CPMs on average.

40 %
lower cost per acquisition on average
26 %
lower CPM on average
Their goal

Helping brands expand their reach

Wpromote is a full service digital marketing agency that helps challenger brands take on industry leaders, and shows larger companies how to develop a “challenger” mindset. They help brands like Forever 21 and Zenni Optical connect with fresh audiences.  

The agency wanted to expand their clients’ reach, with a lower cost per action. They saw Pinterest as a natural choice. Wpromote’s clients love that people use Pinterest to plan purchases, not just to scroll through content.

Ashley Talley
Account Director, Wpromote
“We’ve found that people on Pinterest are more actively trying to plan or make a purchase than on other platforms. Being able to reach them when they’re in that mindset is a primary driver for the strong performance we’re seeing.”
Their solution

Optimizing campaigns

To get the most out of their campaigns, Wpromote works with the team at Pinterest to help with advertising on the platform. Wpromote’s in-house team manages the creative process. As each campaign progresses, Pinterest experts provide day-to-day optimization strategies, like advice on which keywords to exclude in order to maximize efficiency.

Wpromote also tests heavily to understand what works best for their clients, from images to keywords. For example, they’ve learned that Promoted Pins do best when they have a strong call to action.

Their results

Reaching more people at a lower CPA

Pinterest helps Wpromote’s clients expand their reach at a lower cost. On average, their Promoted Pin campaigns have 40% lower costs per action (CPA) and 26% lower cost per thousand (CPM) than other paid channels. One client has even achieved 70% lower CPAs.

“We’re able to reach new customers on Pinterest at a much lower cost than any other paid channel, and the success that we’ve seen for our other clients is leading us to prioritize scaling Pinterest efforts in 2018,” says Ashley Talley, Account Director at Wpromote. “Why wouldn’t we invest more there?"