WEAR grows its fashion fan base with the Pinterest API

After the fashion styling app set up the Pinterest API, they teamed up with Pinterest in Japan to run a co-marketing campaign that generated 24x more Pin creates and boosted app traffic by 118%.

increase in Pins created
increase in number of boards created
Their goal

Helping people discover styles they love

WEAR is one of Japan’s top fashion apps, with 9 million downloads and 6 million styling posts. They are owned by Start Today, the online fashion giant behind Japan’s biggest e-commerce apparel site, ZOZOTOWN. Many of WEAR’s style items are linked to ZOZOTOWN, so people can shop their favorite looks or find styling ideas for things they've purchased.

WEAR had two main goals when setting up the Pinterest API: to spread more style content and to reach new audiences on Pinterest. They also wanted to build excitement around the app’s new “public folder” feature, which integrates with Pinterest.

Their results

Sparking engagement and driving more traffic

WEAR was pleased with the campaign results. Within ten weeks, traffic from Pinterest to WEAR increased by 118%. Pins featuring WEAR content also jumped 24x and the number of Boards increased 19x.

Atsuko Nakamura
Marketing Division, Start Today
“Our users discover what they love on Pinterest and save ideas that help them visualize who they want to be. They create their own styles inspired by ideas on Pinterest and post their style snaps on WEAR.”
Their solution

Partnering with Pinterest to create excitement

WEAR developed a new “public folder” feature where people could save their favorite styles, and integrated it with Pinterest so content could spread easily between the app and the Pinterest platform. They set up the Pinterest API to automatically generate Boards and Pins when people created public folders and added styles to them from the WEAR app.

To create excitement around these new features, WEAR and Pinterest collaborated on a co-marketing campaign that included a special contest for the best themed Boards in the women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion categories. To participate, people had to create a public folder in the WEAR app, which automatically generated a Pinterest Board. Then they saved their style ideas to this folder, which added Pins to their Pinterest Board.

WEAR and Pinterest featured six fashion influencers, called WEARISTAS, on the Pinterest Explore tab and on WEAR’s campaign landing page to build even more interest. Pinterest promoted the campaign via social media, blog and email while WEAR ran homepage banner ads and in-app and email notifications.

Atsuko Nakamura
Marketing Division, Start Today
“The collaboration between Pinterest and WEAR allowed us to build a fantastic stream of ‘imagination' and ‘creation'. We hope to help more users discover and express their own styles.”


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