Promoted Videos encourage Millennials to plan mini-vacations

VISIT FLORIDA's Media Solutions team at Brand Networks worked closely with the tourism marketing corporation to target a custom audience of travelers in planning mode with a sunny Promoted Video campaign. They measured a 66% lower cost per view than other campaigns.

lower cost per view on Pinterest than on any other platforms
higher video view-through rate
Their goal

Inviting the next generation to Florida

The Sunshine State is one of the top travel destinations in the world, and VISIT FLORIDA works hard to keep it that way. The state’s official tourism marketing corporation promotes travel to Florida both domestically and internationally through advertising, public relations and visitor services.

Historically, Millennials have engaged with the tourism board’s social campaigns at lower rates than other age groups. VISIT FLORIDA's Media Solutions team at Brand Networks wanted to change this and reach Millennials still seeking location inspiration while in the early phase of their vacation planning.

Staci Mellman, Interim CMO/VP, Brand
“Millennials are a key opportunity market for Florida. Being able to target this custom audience of travelers in the planning phase is an essential component of our marketing strategy. We're thrilled with the results from this campaign because they signal a new approach to build a relationship between this younger generation and The Sunshine State.”
Their solution

A smart blend of content, timing, targeting and partnership

VISIT FLORIDA knew they wanted Pinterest to be a core channel of their campaign, as the platform reaches 1 in 2 (54%) US Millennials.1 They decided to create a series of videos that would increase awareness of Florida’s many tourist destinations all around the state. They worked closely with their agency, Brand Networks, to develop the campaign idea and identify video assets that would maximize Florida’s appeal to Millennial Pinners with high travel intent.

To start, the team tapped into Pinterest’s insights about how travelers plan their trips, and when they search for different kinds of topics. Those insights showed that fall was the perfect time for a Pinterest campaign. It’s right when temperatures start to drop—and people start hunting for sunny getaways to extend their summer vibes.

The campaign’s Promoted Pins and Promoted Video Pins were designed for mobile, and encouraged viewers to “Experience Florida like a local,” plan mini-vacations over long weekends and consider a number of destinations and attractions.

Bright, tropical colors made the videos stand out, kept the mood light and connected the Pins, as did plenty of beach, swimming and snorkeling imagery. The Pins linked to a VISIT FLORIDA co-branded Expedia landing page, so when people tapped on a Pin they could immediately start planning and booking their flights, accommodations and activities.

VISIT FLORIDA also worked with the Pinterest team to create a custom targeting query. This query incorporated signals from people’s past behaviors on Pinterest—like searches and board creation—to identify people who were most likely to be interested in a Florida getaway. The audience included people who had shown previous interest in Florida, were currently planning a vacation or had previously planned a trip for a long weekend or seasonal moment on Pinterest.

This targeting approach helped VISIT FLORIDA find the audience with the highest intent. They were the first destination marketing organization to use this approach on Pinterest—and it led to outstanding results!

Their results

Lower costs, higher engagement on Pinterest

The campaign delivered great results, especially from the Promoted Video Pins. VISIT FLORIDA saw a 66% lower cost per view on Pinterest than on any other platform, as well as a 7% higher video view-through rate.2

Anna Cohen, Media Solutions Manager
Brand Networks
“VISIT FLORIDA displays preeminence in the destination marketing space with their compelling content and early adoption of new media tactics. The BN team immediately thought of Pinterest as the perfect platform to showcase VISIT FLORIDA’s beautiful, engaging content, and target messaging to this very specific audience set.”
Advertiser tips
  • Stick to shorter Pins that highlight your brand messaging right away. VISIT FLORIDA recommends keeping your videos under 20 seconds, as shorter videos tend to perform better.
  • Consider multiple phases. For future campaigns, VISIT FLORIDA plans to follow up with people who engaged with their Pins, and retarget them with longer videos designed to encourage booking travel.
  • Layer your targeting. If you use a custom intent audience, be sure to also include other keyword and interest targeting so you can optimize creative and budget spend against the most efficient audience.
  • Try multiple formats. Some creative works better as Promoted Pins, other as video. VISIT FLORIDA is excited to include Promoted Video at max. width in their next campaign to gain higher visibility and continue to increase brand awareness among soon-to-be travelers.


1comScore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, Claims based on a person’s age: 18-34, November 2018, US

2VISIT FLORIDA data, 2018

Published: March 8, 2019


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