TV Land

Their goal

TV Land is evolving its image from classic sitcom reruns to original programming powerhouse. For Younger, the new series from Sex and The City creator Darren Star, and starring Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff, the network devised a plan to attract new audiences. Awareness grew organically as they brought Younger to life with boards featuring the style, beauty, home decor, wisdom and star power of the characters and actors.

“Pinterest aligned perfectly with Younger,” said Kristin Mirek, Vice President of Multi-Platform Development and marketing. “It had fantastic fashion, gorgeous hair and makeup, and a big celebrity quotient—all categories that perform well on the platform.”

110 %
higher save rates than industry benchmarks
17 %
higher clickthrough rates than industry benchmarks

Six months before Younger premiered, TV Land began developing content for Pinterest. That long lead time allowed the team to find a voice during the organic phase of the campaign, confirm their observations with focus groups and deliver insightful, timely content as the season progressed and ratings snowballed.

“Pinterest was an excellent way to contribute to that snowball,” Mirek said. “We started early, let our content find an audience through the ecosystem, and used analytics to double down on what worked.”

Kristin Mirek
VP of Multi-Platform Development and Marketing, TV Land
“Pinterest afforded us an opportunity to reach potential audiences for our new show Younger early.”
Their solution

As the Younger premiere approached, TV Land used Promoted Pins to maximize their exposure to potential audiences. They utilized Promoted Pins and analyzed their success, making sure to deactivate poor performers and boost Pins that were doing well.

“Since this was all about building awareness, we really focused on the engagement rates,” Mirek said. Using creative learnings, they were able to drive engagement performance up week over week from 2% to 6%. TV Land’s Promoted Pins performed 110% better on saves and 17% better on clickthroughs than industry benchmarks.

TV Land learned from Pinterest best practices that most activity occurs on mobile so they created content with that behavior in mind. By optimizing for the mobile experience, they saw 96% of all engagements occur on mobile. Metrics played a critical role in driving those engagements. They worked with the third-party analytics partner Tailwind to schedule, monitor and analyze Pins. With Promoted Pins, exposure increased from 1,764 daily average Pinners to 282,000.

“We knew from Pinterest best practices that humor and quotes were popular and effective but had no idea that ‘man candy’ was so big,” Mirek said. “Our Nico/Josh Pins (the hot guy from the show) were our best performers in the Promoted Pin campaign.”


Betting big on Promoted Pins was a way to reach a dramatically wider audience, but steering existing viewers to Pinterest also helped performance exceed expectations over the course of the season. When TV Land has a strong Pinterest presence for a show, they include the Pinterest logo in all marketing materials, such as print and out-of-home, and on-air promos when appropriate. Adding Pinterest widgets to the TV Land website further promoted engagement.