Promoted Pins with one-tap boost traffic for ThirdLove

The bra retailer saw a 26% increase in traffic in the first six weeks of using Promoted Pins with one-tap, resulting in a 14% lower cost per acquisition.

14 %
decrease in cost per acquisition
26 %
increase in traffic in the first six weeks

Their goal

Finding new customers

Hours before a holiday party and without a bra that fit, ThirdLove co-founder Heidi Zak had a choice: she could cram herself into a dressing room in search of a new bra, or wear an old, ill-fitting one and be uncomfortable all night. Not willing to choose between bad and worse, she decided to create a third option: build a better bra. Four years, 47 sizes and 15 styles later, ThirdLove has developed a collection of bras that look as incredible as they feel.

Early on, ThirdLove realized Pinterest would be an effective way to reach their key audience of women ages 25-55. They started running evergreen media, plus seasonal campaigns for additional lift. “We feel really confident that our customers are on Pinterest and that they’re maybe more qualified than [people] on other channels,” said Julie Zischke, Growth Marketing Manager at ThirdLove.  

In November 2016, ThirdLove started a new customer acquisition campaign with the goal of cost-effective, quality leads. Given their previous success on Pinterest, they decided to try a new ad format called Promoted Pins with one-tap, designed to help acquire new customers more cost-effectively. One-tap Promoted Pins take people directly from a Pin to a landing page in a single click, rather than the usual two taps. This makes it easier for people to visit the website after seeing an ad, and on average, increases click through rates by 298%.1 

Julie Zischke, Growth Marketing Manager
“[Pinterest] allows us to meet our direct-response targets in an ad format that really also elevates the brand.”

Their solution

Using One-tap Promoted Pins

ThirdLove developed a new creative strategy that put more detailed information on their Pins. Since Promoted Pins with one-tap lead straight to a website rather than a closeup, ThirdLove wanted to ensure that Pinners knew a lot about their brand before they even clicked. Putting specific brand benefits on the Pins helped drive high-quality leads, because people who clicked on the Pins knew ThirdLove’s proposition and had a higher intent to convert.

The campaign took full advantage of Pinterest’s targeting options, including interest targeting, keyword targeting and actalike targeting that found people who behave like ThirdLove’s best customers. ThirdLove also retargeted people who had already visited their website or interacted with their Pins. After a bit of initial testing, they invested more in the campaign. “We really just expanded our strategy when we saw that one-tap was working,” said Zischke. “[It] allowed us to quickly test our way into a winning strategy.”

The results

Increasing traffic while decreasing costs

Promoted Pins with one-tap proved a cost-effective way to acquire new customers, at scale. ThirdLove’s cost per acquisition on Pinterest decreased 14%. Meanwhile, traffic from Pinterest increased 26% in the first six weeks of the campaign.

ThirdLove will continue to expand their marketing efforts on Pinterest. “It really is an always on, evergreen strategy,” says Zischke. “We revamp our creative around certain campaigns that are seasonal. But we really found that it works all the time, so we also have tried-and-true content out there that continues to drive performance for us.”

1. Pinterest analysis, 2016

Julie Zischke, Growth Marketing Manager
“Promoted Pins with one-tap exceeded our expectations, meeting our CPA goals while surpassing our traffic expectations.”