Tesco Ireland

Promoted Pins helped Tesco get more high-quality traffic

Ireland’s largest grocery retailer used Promoted Pins to match the engagement rate of a leading social platform, at a 36% lower CPC.

36 %
lower cost per click than other social platforms
49 %
more pages viewed by Pinners than by people from other platforms
Their goal

More engagement leading to high quality traffic

The first Tesco store was opened in Burnt Oak, Edgware, North London, in 1929. Over the years, Tesco has grown to become Ireland’s leading grocery retailer, with over 140 stores across the country. At the same time, they’ve stayed committed to buying locally and supporting Irish suppliers. Over 11,000 Irish farm families supply their produce, and 100% of the fresh beef, lamb and pork sold at Tesco stores comes from Irish farmers.

To help them share their story with a broader audience, Tesco decided to partner with the digital marketing agency Wolfgang Digital. There were a few key performance indicators they wanted to improve: quality of traffic to the website, bounce rates, session durations and page views.

Wolfgang Digital set out to improve these metrics by engaging with Tesco’s target audience on Pinterest. The agency could see that Pinterest would be good place to start because the service is expanding in Ireland—people who are active on the site grew by more than 25% last year. And food is one of the top categories, with more than 200,000 ideas saved each day in the country in food and other categories.

The goal was to encourage site visits by inspiring people with recipes, quick tips and information about the farms Tesco sources its food from. Their success would be indicated by higher engagement rates, increased site traffic, higher session durations and a lower bounce rate.

Gavin Lawlor
Social Media Marketer, Wolfgang Digital
“Pinterest users are more focused on what kind of content they enjoy. Rather than just browsing, users actually seek out and engage with the content that interests them. This means that Pinterest users spend more time on your site and are more likely to explore other pages.”
Their solution

Target Promoted Pins to reach the right audience

A large percentage of the audience you can reach on Pinterest is women, which made keyword targeting to reach Tesco Ireland’s food and community audience especially effective. Wolfgang Digital optimized for this approach by identifying keywords that gave them the highest engagement rates for use in future campaigns. And because Pinterest is a mobile-focused channel, eliminating the web visitor audience and targeting app users only helped them achieve a higher engagement rate.

The team also focused on providing visually stunning content that would be a strong fit for their target audience. They identified popular content from Tesco Ireland’s Food and Community page—like recipes for rainbow salad or smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast, and also crafts like painted stones. Then, they made this content work for the audience on Pinterest by paying special attention to making each Pin visually engaging.

Their results

Better traffic at a more competitive cost

Overall, the Promoted Pin campaign drove higher quality traffic to Tesco Ireland’s food and community page than other key digital channels. The Pinterest campaign achieved an engagement rate that matched that of Ireland’s best-performing social platform, but at a cost-per-click that was 36% less.

People who clicked-through to Tesco’s site from Pinterest spent an average of 3x more time on the site than those who came from the next best performing social channel. And people from Pinterest visited 49% more pages per session than visitors from other social channels. The bounce rate of visitors from Pinterest was lower too— 12% lower than Facebook’s 92% bounce rate

Gavin Lawlor
Social Media Marketer, Wolfgang Digital
“We will continue to use Pinterest as it suits our client's target audience and has given us some great results. Traffic from Pinterest is of higher quality, and this is reflected in the amount of time Pinterest users spend on the Tesco Food and Community page.”