Tastemade Brazil

Attracting more foodies with appetizing Recipe Pins

The digital food, travel and lifestyle network grew their millennial audience by posting four new Recipe Pins every day, lifting referral traffic by 85x and impressions by 97x in just one year.

increase in impressions
increase in referral traffic
Their goal

Serving up new ideas to millennials

Tastemade is a global entertainment company that brings together food lovers and travelers from all over the world. They reach more than 200 million people every month with award-winning programs that capture authentic recipes, stories and adventures. Tastemade is best known for providing fresh, new ideas—it’s the number one reason people say they visit the site.

Every day, Tastemade Brazil publishes unique, original content across multiple platforms so they can stay connected with their target millennial audience.

As Tastemade set out to expand their reach, they looked to Pinterest to help them reach a wider audience in both Brazil, and the global market. Pinterest was a great match for Tastemade since both companies are known for providing exciting, fresh ideas. In fact, 86% of Tastemade’s audience of women aged 18-34 look to the network when they want to try something new.

Cainã Bertussi
Brand Strategist, Tastemade
“In 2017, Pinterest played a crucial role in our content strategy, making it easy for anyone to discover, save and try Tastemade Brazil recipes. When we started adding more content, we saw increased awareness beyond our previous reach. We can’t wait to start posting videos to Pinterest next!”
Their solution

Shaping content for audience appetites

To ensure their Pinterest presence was effective and in-sync with their other social media channels, the Tastemade team decided to follow the same daily posting strategy they have on their website and app. Every day, they posted four new recipes on to Pinterest.

Tastemade noticed that engagement with their Pinterest page climbed as soon as they started posting more frequently. Tastemade used Recipe Pins (a type of Rich Pin) so they could include ingredients, cooking time and serving sizes directly on the Pin.

Getting more engagement on Pinterest also helped Tastemade learn more about their audience. Using Pinterest Analytics, the team saw what content was most popular with their Pinterest audience, spotted trends and began to shape new content based on readers’ appetites. For example, the team started creating specifically themed boards ranging from popular dishes to quick recipes and more. Pinterest Analytics also showed that Pins with pictures tailored for Pinterest—high-resolution, vertical, tasty-looking—resulted in more saves and clickthroughs.

Adding the Tried It button on the Pins themselves has also allowed Tastemade to connect to their audience in new ways. Seeing people’s photos and comments about Tastemade’s recipes has helped the team plan for future Pins.  

Tastemade added the Save button to their website and app to further coordinate their content with Pinterest. The Save button makes it easy for people to save their favorite ideas directly to their Pinterest boards. Tastemade also hosted two live, in-studio experiences in their São Paulo offices. They created a new board with their most-Pinned recipes, and invited influencers, the general public and Pinterest users to taste the results and vote for their favorites.

Their results

A traffic source and internal tool

Pinterest helps Tastemade reach an audience passionate about good, high-quality content, which increases brand awareness in the Brazilian market and beyond. Since they started creating exclusive content for Pinterest, Tastemade has noticed an increase in engagement including saves and shares of Pins.

The network has begun to cross-promote their Pinterest page and Recipe Pins across other social media channels. They’re also looking into creating step-by-step recipe cards and adding video content to their Pins.

Incorporating Pinterest has also paid off in key metrics. After 12 months of partnership, social referral traffic from Pinterest has increased 85x, making the platform  the network’s second-largest source of referrals. Impressions have grown 97x in the same timeframe.

Tastemade now considers Pinterest not only a source of traffic, but also one of their favorite tools for internal projects at the company. It provides inspiration for new recipes, destinations for travel shows, and design ideas for their in-office studios. They also use Pinterest internally to create mood boards for their clients.