Walgreens's creativity & customer connections flourish on Pinterest

A prescription for successful saving

By saving a wide variety of content, Walgreens has built a collection of boards that encourages people to explore their brand. They save popular products from their site, share content created by bloggers and other partners and add popular, relevant Pins from Pinterest. First and foremost, they’ve taken the time to create helpful tutorial Pins with step-by-step instructions and detailed descriptions—and these Pins have been some of their best performers. 

“In-house created tutorials have done extremely well for us,” said Shanti DeLand, Manager of Social, Mobile & Content Marketing. “Our frozen whipped cream Pin during the holidays drove one of the highest engagement rates in Walgreens history.”

Walgreens has also taken advantage of Promoted Pins to get their best Pins in front of more people. Since launching Promoted Pins, they’ve more than tripled their average referral traffic back to Walgreens.com. “Getting the opportunity to be part of the Promoted Pins beta was a great learning experience,” DeLand said.  “We were able to play with a new type of content on this platform while optimizing against new audience and category segmentations on the paid side. We learned a lot about who the Pinterest consumer is in a short time frame. 

Not only that, Walgreens was one of the launch partners for Cinematic Pins, motion-based Promoted Pins that stand out in feeds. 

Shanti DeLand
Manager of Social, Mobile and Content Marketing, Walgreens
Pinterest has been an exciting new way for us to connect with our customers. We’re able to provide content in a digestible way that really speaks to our core business. Everything from tutorials on eyeshadow application and makeup brushes to DIY projects during the holidays and even infographics and information on chronic and acute health concerns that our customers look to us for every day.
A healthy and happy Pinterest strategy

Walgreens is thoughtful about their strategy both on and off Pinterest. They’ve expanded their Pinterest presence by promoting their boards in email campaigns. They’ve also added the Save button across their websites to make it easy for people to save Pins as they’re browsing. 

But to get a complete picture of how they’re doing on Pinterest, Walgreens looks at Pinterest Analytics. “We were able to tap into a whole new set of social listening. People on Pinterest save Pins for themselves; it’s a very personal profile. Understanding what products they are adding to their boards is a helpful merchandising and marketing tool. More importantly, being able to see what consumers are saving, searching for and trends they’re creating helps us provide useful content and information back to our customers for the things that matter most to them,“ DeLand said.