Stevia In The Raw

Promoting natural sweeteners with delicious drinks

The natural sweetener company used keyword, interest and actalike targeting to find people looking for healthy summer drink recipes that generated 8.7 million impressions to their website.

impressions to their website
higher clickthrough rate
Their goal

Reaching health-conscious consumers

When Marvin Eisenstadt joined his dad’s Brooklyn-based sugar-packing business in 1956, natural food wasn’t much of a buzzword yet.  But before long, Marvin was tasked with finding a less processed sugar for a local restaurant with health conscious customers.  Marvin took a trip to the tropics and came back with a turbinado sugar that fit the bill.  He named the product Sugar In The Raw.

Since then, the In The Raw brand of sweeteners has grown along with the health food movement.  The little brown packets are now stocked in coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores across the country – alongside other sweetening alternatives including:  Stevia In The Raw, Agave In The Raw, Monk Fruit In The Raw and Honey In The Raw.

For summer 2018, the In The Raw brand of sweeteners wanted to increase traffic to their website, where people can learn about their growing product line as well as find recipes and other helpful information. Using Pinterest’s actalike targeting, they confirmed that their target audience—women aged 35 to 54 with higher household incomes who are the primary grocery shoppers—actively used the platform. They also saw high reach numbers for women interested in organic and natural foods.

Sara Hoskow
Brand Manager, Cumberland Packing Corp.
“Pinterest is a great resource for people who are looking for new food and drink recipes. We were very pleased with the results from our Pinterest campaign. The clickthrough rate from Pinterest was more than 2x.”
Their solution

Targeting three ways

Stevia In The Raw planned to connect with potential customers by sharing beverage recipes during the summer months—specifically ahead of holiday weekends. To ensure they would reach their target audience, they combined three Pinterest targeting products: keyword, interest and actalike targeting.

They used Pinterest’s unique keyword targeting option to reach people who were searching for organic recipes and cocktail recipes. Interest targeting helped them find people on Pinterest who had expressed an interest in organic and natural foods. Finally, they used Pinterest’s actalike targeting to target people who resembled those who had already visited the recipe pages for summer beverages on In The Raw’s website.

Their ads included four summer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes that use Stevia In The Raw: Cucumber-Mint Limeade, Red White and Blue Soda Float, Strawberry Rosé Popsicle Punch, and Red White and Blue Wine Spritzer.

They also made two versions of each of the recipe Pins—one with branding imagery of Stevia In The Raw packets and one without—to see which performed better.

Their results

Sweet success

Stevia In The Raw’s summertime drink recipe campaign made an impression—8.7 million of them to be exact.

In addition, Stevia In The Raw’s summer drink recipe campaign also saw a 2x higher clickthrough rate from their Pinterest campaign. 

Advertiser tips
  • Seasonality is key. Align the creative in your Pins with seasonal themes, moments and don’t forget to use seasonal keywords too.
  • Give people a reason to buy your product by illustrating how to use it in your Pins.