Reaching new audiences with Search Ads

STAINMASTER® Carpet Care used search ads to raise awareness about their new products and to drive traffic to their site. Thanks to the ads, 90% of referral traffic came from new visitors.

90 %
gain in cost-efficiency in the carpet care category
90 %
of Pinterest’s referrals were new customers in the carpet care category

Their goal

Entering a new market

The STAINMASTER® brand revolutionized the carpet industry in 1986 with stain-resistant technology never before available for carpet. Today, it’s the most widely recognized and trusted carpet brand in the US.

After years of customers asking STAINMASTER to recommend the perfect cleaning solutions, they decided to make it simple and launch their own. So INVISTA, the maker of STAINMASTER carpet, teamed up with Georgia-Pacific to launch a line of carpet-cleaning products in 2016. The collection includes cleaners for carpet stains, pet messes and high-traffic areas. As a new brand in a competitive industry, STAINMASTER wanted to build awareness, encourage trial and bring new consumers to the category.

Working with their agency, Performics, STAINMASTER was one of the first brands to run ads targeted to search on Pinterest. They aimed to reach this new audience when they were specifically searching for ideas like stain removal tips. STAINMASTER also realized that Pinterest would help them reach people with upper-funnel keywords like “party planning” since people use Pinterest to find ideas.

Joniece D. Hinds
Marketing Manager, Media, Georgia-Pacific
“A majority of Pinterest traffic came from new customers. They were people who hadn’t visited our cleaning products page in the past, so we were able to drive a lot of incremental awareness.”

Their solution

Identifying their audience with keywords

The brand’s campaign with Performics included six different ads, each one telling a light-hearted story of how carpets get stained: spilled coffee, artistic kids, pets not making it outside. The brand reused Pins they’d already created for other campaigns. The Pins encouraged their core audience to prepare for whatever life throws at them—or on their carpet.

STAINMASTER used many of the same keywords that performed well in their earlier campaigns, and worked with Performics to develop a collection of upper-funnel keywords to expand reach. They also used lower-funnel keywords such as “how to remove a carpet stain” and “how to get red wine out of carpet.” As the campaign ran, the team identified the most effective keywords and adjusted to optimize results. The campaign ran for two months altogether, giving STAINMASTER time to reach their new audience and drive traffic to the site.

Their results

Attracting new customers

As with the initial launch campaign, the carpet cleaners business saw great returns on their ad spend. Specifically, STAINMASTER tracked their costs per click and clickthrough rates to ensure their creative was hitting the right note, their targeting was accurate and they were getting efficient bids. The brand did well on all their metrics, achieving an impressive 90% gain in cost-efficiency over traditional search advertising in the carpet care category. Some of that success came from using One-tap Promoted Pins, which tend to drive cost-efficient traffic.

More importantly, new customers in the carpet care category made up more than 90% of Pinterest’s referrals to the STAINMASTER website, which drove incremental awareness among the brand’s target demographic.

Due to their campaign success, STAINMASTER is planning to continue working with Performics on future Pinterest campaigns. Their next action item: campaigns that focus on seasons when people start thinking about cleaning underfoot, like springtime and the holidays.

Gabriel Klintowitz
Associate Brand Building Manager, Georgia-Pacific LLC
“When you think about the consumer behavior on Pinterest and how they’re on the platform looking for ideas, the results were a sign that we should always consider Pinterest in our marketing mix.”


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