Simple Mills

A recipe for inspired curation

From a business that began in a North Carolina living room, Simple Mills has since grown into a full-fledged packaged food company that sells nutrient rich, almond flour baking mixes. With the help of Promoted Pins, Simple Mills racked up more than 1 million views and 3,000 saves in just a few months.

By combining featured recipes and lifestyle Pins with design inspiration and favorites from other bloggers, Simple Mills has been able to cook up a diverse, yet compelling collection of boards. Put together, these boards tell their brand’s story.

“We use Pinterest to showcase our story in a manner that we can’t put into words on our other platforms. Our boards tell the story of our mission as a company, more than solely focusing on our product. Our mission is to help people lead healthier lives, and we use Pinterest to bring that to life,” said Katlin Smith, Simple Mills CEO & Founder

Having a wide variety of content has been a great way to engage their audience—Simple Mills discovered that Pinners save Pins from multiple boards in a single visit. As they dug into the data even further, they found that 92% of their weekly website referrals from Pinterest are from new visitors.

“This demonstrated to us that Pinterest is a great resource to connect with a new audience. What’s surprised us most about Pinterest is that it’s a platform where you don’t need a ton of followers to be successful in terms of overall engagement,” said Smith. 

Katlin Smith
CEO and Founder, Simple Mills
“Pinterest has been an amazing platform for our business, not only because it allows us to compile such a robust resource of inspiration, but also because it allows us to drive sales in an authentic way. We’re driving sales through creative ideas, instead of simply promoting our products.”
Adding a pinch of Promoted Pins

After seeing that Pinterest was organically one of their strongest drivers of referral traffic, Simple Mills began promoting their Pins.

“Pinterest’s approach to promotion is flexible for a budget of any size, which made it easy to test and learn without spending a ton on one Pin. Promoted Pins have been very helpful for us in determining what recipes and images resonate with our community, since it allows us to target for specific audiences,” said Smith.

In just two months, Simple Mills was excited to find that Pinterest became the top channel for referral traffic to their website.  

“What was most significant about this Pin is that within 24 hours of the Pin being live, not only were we driving customers to our site, they were also taking immediate action to purchase, and we believe that is a unique aspect of Pinterest,” said Smith.

Mixing in a dash of extra marketing

Based on the success they’ve seen from adding Pins, Simple Mills now cross-promotes their Pinterest content on other marketing channels. They include their Pinterest content on email newsletters and social channels. On Twitter they showcase new Pinterest boards, and even kicked off a #Pinoftheweek series to connect with Pinners, as well as admired bloggers and publishers.